Wednesday, March 5, 2014

More Things I've Said to the Girl Scouts…

• “Do you have any ‘Thinner Mints’?”

• “Legally, I'm allowed to shoot you with a gun and claim the 'Stand Your Ground on Your Scale' defense.”

• “Do-Si-Do? Oh-Me-No!”

• “I'm sorry; I usually don't slap little girls that aren't my daughters.”

• “Sorry, but I spent my last $10 buying canisters of Cheeze Whiz from the Seventh Day Adventists.”

• “Hmmmmmm, it would only take a week of strenuous exercise to work off three Cranberry Citrus Crisps...”

• “Do you accept Confederate dollars?”

• “No, I don't want any cookies, but I do wanna know why Brownies don't sell brownies.”

• “I realize that selling cookies is supposed to help you girls learn about money management, but I think you investing in my new Ponzi scheme would teach you a better lesson.”


• “I'll take a box of Raw Celery Shortbread.”

• “Well, what can one box hurt?”


  1. I'm wondering where my Thin Mints and Samoas are. They didn't get delivered to you by mistake, did they?

  2. Those confederate dollars are expensive! You'd be better off offering them Monopoly money.



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