Thursday, July 18, 2013

More Signs Your Mom Is a Fit Blogger

• Your macaroni-and-cheese has no pasta or dairy products in it.

• House gets egged every Halloween because she gives kids tiny bags of kale chips.

• Activity for your birthday party is a 10K fun run.

• Instead of Tickle-Me-Elmo, she got you Yoga-Me-Grover.

• That jug of what you thought was delicious green Kool-Aid in the fridge wound up being disgusting wheatgrass juice.

• You’re so embarrassed at the playground when Mom does a dozen chin-ups on the swingset.

• Santa brought you a PlaySkool elliptical.

• You’d give your last hexbug for one crispy tator tot!

• Only Wii game she lets you play is one where you have to spin around in place as fast as you can for an hour.

• Plain freakin’ yogurt!

• Every time she runs out of stuff to write about, you gotta do something cute to save the day.

• McDonald’s? What the hell is McDonald’s?

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  1. You must chuckle the whole time when you think up these lists. So funny!

  2. One of my best moments was when sophie went to a neighbors house..came home and said she had a sandwich with a kind of meat she'd never seen before... I said, " what was it?" she said, " Ba-lah-gna?" i say, "bologna?" She says...YEAH! up to that point, I hadn't realized I'd never purchased it.

  3. Well my mom is not a blogger, but she is CERTAINLY fit :)



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