Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Signs You’ve Got a Little Too Much Holiday Spirit

• When Starbucks barista asks for name to write on cup, you reply: “This cup is red to signify the blood of Jesus, the reason for this blessed season. MERRY CHRISTMAS!”

• You work in a gingerbread cubicle.

• Your Pandora app died from Christmas music overload.

• You don’t believe there is such a thing as an “ugly” Christmas sweater.

• You bake so many cookies that your oven hasn’t been turned off since Thanksgiving.

• You sob inconsolably when it doesn’t snow on Christmas Eve.

• You got in trouble at work for running aluminum foil through the shredder to make tinsel.

• You jingle all the way.

• You go to donate blood and the nurse pumps out a quart of egg nog.

• You’ve already started shopping for Christmas 2016.

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