Monday, February 23, 2015

Tip to My Lou

• You can make healthy nachos by replacing chips with veggies and the melted cheese with low-fat salad dressing.

• Remember this rhyme: “Take your time and eat more slowly, and maybe you won’t look like a hockey goalie.”

• One way to use your smartphone to help you lose weight is to keep it in your mouth while you’re eating.

• Theres nothing healthier than a fresh Heath  bar  (wait... I meant theres nothing heathier than a fresh Heath bar ... my bad) 

• Eating celery actually burns more calories than you consume, so just constantly eat cele… hold on, that’s actually an activity in Hell, so might as well just wait; you’ll get to do that soon enough.

• To burn more calories, either add an extra five minutes to your cardio routine or deduct an extra five minutes from your afternoon nap.

• To encourage less sitting, replace your office chair with a giant land mine.

• If you’re on Twitter, get your tweeps to provide encouragement for you to meet your healthy living goals (and don’t call them “tweeps”– THEY HATE THAT!)

• The best time to weigh yourself is immediately after you’ve spent a week eating right and exercising.


  1. Darn, I don't own a smartphone! Am I doom?

    1. You're in luck; it works with dumb phones, too. Even landline phones!

  2. Great Post and nice article.Thanks for sharing.



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