Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Wee Little Children Can't Get Enough of My Weight-Loss Songs

Flop! Goes the Weigh-In

All around the lunch buffet,
The buffoon kept on eatin’.
The buffoon thought ‘twas all in fun.
Flop! Goes the weigh-in.

When I Was At My Workout Spot

When I was at my workout spot,
I saw a man do seven squats.
After every squat was seven curls.
After every curl was seven lats.
After every lat was seven lifts.
Lifts, lats, curls, squats
I shoulda done some of that, I thought.

Lady Belunge-a

Lady Belunge-a in the back of the gym,
Lunge so strong as you lunge each limb.
Watching yourself on the mirror on the wall,
You’re such an inspiration to us all. 

Laaaaaaaaaady Belunge-a
Laaaaaaaaaady Belunge-a,
With your perfect form,
I’m so in awe
Of you, so lunge-y.

Way over yonder where the big weights sit,
Where you lift and curse and spit,
The weights go up and the weights go down,
See the muscles squirting out of your gown.

Laaaaaaaaaady Belunge-a
Oh, Laaaaaaaaaady Belunge-a,
Keep on doing great,
Keep on going strong, we like to watch you.

When it’s dark, I’m home and fed. 
I think I coulda done like you instead.
Tomorrow’s coming, my gym bag’s packed. 
I might. Who knows? I might. 

Laaaaaaaaaaby Belunge-a
Oh, Laaaaaaaaaady Belunge-a,
With tomorrow’s dawn,
I’ll get my workout on. 
I’ll soon be lunging. 

Lady Belunge-a in the back of the gym, 
Lunge with vigor and lunge with vim.
I’m doing a workout that’s long overdue.
And I’m working up a big sweat, too.
I’m just working up a sweat like you!

I’ve Got the Mojo, Mojo, Mojo, Mojo

I’ve got the mojo, mojo, mojo, mojo
Down in my gut (Where?)
Down in my gut! (Where?)
Down in my gut!
I’ve got the mojo, mojo, mojo, mojo 
Down in my gut.
Down in my gut to stay.

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  1. You've still got it Jack. :) Let's get this excess poundage off our bodies and be actual weight loss loggers again! Happy Thanksgiving.



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