Monday, August 5, 2013

The Cat in the Fat Comes Back

“I know some good games 

We could play,”
Said the Jack.
“I know some new tricks,” 

Said the Jack in the Fat. 

“A lot of good tricks.

I will show them to you. 

Your weight might go down
If you do as I do.”

But the Flesh said, 
“No! No!
Make that Jack go away!

Tell that Jack in the Fat 

You don’t care what you weigh! 

He should not be here. 

He is not very wise. 

He should not weigh in
On the size of your size!”

“Now! Now! Have no fear. 

Have no fear!” said the Jack. 

“My tricks are not bad,” 

Said the Jack in the Fat. 

“Why, we can have lots of good fun,”
The Jack states, 

“With a game that I call UP UP UP
With some weights!”

“Put those down!” said the Flesh. 

“This is no fun any more! 

Put them down!” said the Flesh.

“I DON’T wanna be sore.”

“Have no fear!” said the Jack. 

“You will be less sore soon. 

You’ll be like a butterfly out the cocoon. 

With muscles on muscles,
You’ll be over the moon.”

“Look at you! Look at you now!” said the Jack. 

“With lean muscle all over your arms, legs and back! 

You can hold up TEN pounds. 

You can hold up ten more!

You can do lots of reps,
And you seldom get sore!

And look! 

You can climb up four flights of stairs,
Which helps when the elevator’s down for repairs. 

But that is not all! 

Oh, no. That is not all…

“Look at you! 

Look at you!

Look at you NOW! 

Sporting a body that makes folks say “Wow!” 

You can lift up more weights,
And run miles at a time.

Chin-ups you do now and hills you can climb. 

You can pick up a child 

And not throw out your back. 

You can exercise freely 

Like your buddy Jack. 

You can hike really far,
You don’t laze on the sofa 

With a pizza and beer 

As you slip in a coma!

You are strong as can be,
This is your life, you know.
It is time to get fit now.
Let’s get up and go!


  1. But I don't wanna be sore... ;) OK, OK

  2. First off I just want to say I really laughed at your description of yourself "Come and listen to a story bout a man named Jack, Who never quit eating cept to stop and have a snack" The whole tone of your blog is so lighthearted - I love it. And the Cat In The Hat is such a positive message. Keep up the great work.

  3. How ya doing Jack??? Me - I love some DOMS! :)

  4. Another great piece of humor Jack. Hope your well?

  5. You never fail to amuse me Jack, when I'm having a bad day the cure is always Jack.

  6. Is the cat in fat that came back called Jack? lol x



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