Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Signs You’re Not Giving 100% During Your Workout

  • Clothes actually smell better after you’re finished
  • You just logged a .5K run
  • Personal trainer keeps using you as example of what not to do
  • Guy with no arms is bench pressing more than you
  • Favorite machine:  ElevatorMaster
  • You have to ask somebody which direction to walk on treadmill
  • You’re using an inflatable kettlebell
  • According to elliptical readout, you almost burned a calorie
  • You spend 95% of your workout time “limbering up”
  • You rest so long between sit-ups that a nurse walking by starts performing CPR on you
  • You carry a water bottle packed with cherry pie filling
  • You work out in penny loafers
  • Gym nickname:  “Creampuff”
  • You leave car running during your workout
  • Favorite workout playlist on your iPod is nothing but lullabyes
  • Your gluteus never seems to get any less maximus
  • Heart rate monitor continuously flatlines
  • Your “yoga” is just you sitting Indian-style and working a sudoku puzzle


  1. I have TOTALLY done that .5k run!!! LMAO

  2. EXACTLY -
    I'm kinda proud of my point fivers.....
    Took all I could do to not quit that!

  3. Thanks for making me laugh out loud....again! I credit laughing at your posts with helping me lose weight. I mean, how many calories do I burn each day laughing hysterically at your posts? Feel the burn, baby!



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