Friday, April 30, 2010

Running Buddy

I wouldn’t mind running with somebody under the following circumstances…
  • They couldn’t be too fast.

  • They couldn’t be too slow.

  • They couldn’t talk too much.

  • They couldn’t just be completely silent.

  • They couldn’t have perfect form and make me look bad.

  • They couldn’t annoy me.

  • They couldn’t look like somebody else that annoys me.

  • They couldn’t chide me when I say weird things to people in my neighborhood.

  • They couldn’t get mad if I blogged about how stupid they look in their stupid little running outfit.

  • They couldn’t refuse to buy me a lemonade if we come up to a kids’ lemonade stand.

  • They couldn’t NOT laugh at my hilarious jokes.
Maybe I’m too picky, but so far I haven’t found anybody that fits the bill for a running buddy.

Check that… there’s Sue, or as she’s more commonly known, MrsFatass (maiden name: Lardass).

She’s a few states over from me, but I suppose I consider her a running buddy. She’s been on this C25K (Couch to 5K) kick for just twenty minutes longer than I have, and was actually one of the people who finally convinced me to lace ‘em up and hit the road.

I saw her tweet the other day that she wanted to slow down and repeat one of the week’s runs (they get progressively harder as you move up the program), but she was continuing on because she knew Jack Sh*t was on her tail.

I felt the same way during my last outing, a trio of five minute dashes with a couple of walking jaunts in between. During the first 5-minute run, I took off at a pretty good pace, trying to quickly get back to that “runner’s nirvana” spot that I’d discovered on my previous run.

What I discovered this time was that my lungs felt like they were about to turn inside-out. I was looking for that blissful, all-is-well peace of mind that I’d stumbled on last go-round and instead felt myself entering “Quick! What’s the number for 9-1-1?” territory.

I seriously thought about stopping, about ratcheting this C25K thing back and maybe repeating the previous week. “Been there, run that” sounded pretty damned good to me right at that moment.

Then I heard my running buddy trash-talk me from the back of my head.

“Oh, Jack! What’s the matter? Is your running skirt too tight?”

Why am I so certain that she would have teased and taunted me? Because I would have teased and taunted her. We’re running buddies after all.

So I sucked it up and kept putting one foot in front of the other, kept grunting and groaning, kept loping along like a sick mule until finally… blessedly… it was over.

So, thanks Sue. We may not run together, but we’re on the same road.



  1. I feel the same way. I am further along in my runs than you... my last long one was 12 miles... if I could jsut find someone who would not talk to me for the first 7 miles, but then talk to me for the rest - I would be good.

    No luck so far. I have joined a marathon training group - so hopefully my luck at finding someone will work! Good luck to you too.

    BTW: Today is the last day of my Five Days of Giveaways.

  2. This is what I miss since I moved here 4 year ago. To find someone who I could go walking with, exercising with and laugh, joke and have fun while I sweated. :) That's what I wish for, a sweat buddy!

  3. That is the same way I feel about a running partner! Except I add that it can't be a man. :)

  4. I'm on the same road as you and Sue too, just WAY behind you!

    My running partner is my hubby who is nearly half my size. So, while I see him running slower to accommodate me, I want to punch him in the face.

    Ugh, sometimes I hate C25K. Realistically I HATE doing C25K (when I am running the Weeks) but after I feel so accomplished.

    In all seriousness though. . . running is hard.



  5. I have thought about doing the C25K but havent had the guts (well, I have plenty of "guts", just not the kind it takes to run). And I have to say, after reading your description of the sick mule and how your lungs felt like they turned inside out....Im not exactly gunning for trying now either. But I do like the sucking it up and doing it anyway part.....because I know that you had to have felt great after. Not physically maybe, but the fact that you didnt quit.

    I have to do something.

  6. So much for taking a day off, today. Thanks a lot, assclown.

  7. I really don't like running with other people - guess I'm not a team player! I run with Hubby very occasionally, but am always conscious about making sure I'm not going too fast/slow etc. I don't like talking, I just listen to my music to keep me going.

    You're doing great - and it's nice to have virtual running buddies...

  8. It's sooooooooo helpful to have that little running buddy voice in the back of your mind.

    That 'monster hill' I always run...I wouldn't do it if I didn't have ex-boyfriend's voice in my head saying "I thought you used to be a runner..." that last time we went out running together.

    OH MAN that made me mad. And now I run that darn hill at a sprint pace!!

  9. yup,i wish i could find a good workout/running buddy again, but its hard to find someone who meets certian "criteria".
    just keep on doing what your doing and keep sue's voice in your head to keep you wanting to push past the hard times while running!!~

  10. Sorry Jack :) I like to run alone because of all the

  11. Amazing how much of a difference having someone kick you in the ass every now and then helps. I don't necessarily like working out with other people but I like their support and motivation. Does that make sense?

    As for your running buddy, I don't know if you could have found a better one!

  12. That is why I love this bloggy-world! I feel like you guys/gals are pushing me to be better and I love it. Whether it be gentle nudging or down right, calling someone out, you are all there for me, and I love it. I feel a blog post coming on ;-)

    Keep up the great work!

  13. I'm going to give you the advice you gave me my friend, find an icecream truck to chase and make sure a pack of angry dogs is around the corner when you are about to give up and stop. This should help you along quite nicely :-).

    Oh Jack, you give the best advice LOL!

  14. I'm pretty sure I'm the perfect running buddy, especially when it comes to the lemonade stands and saying stuff to the neighbors.

  15. The perfect running buddy IS hard to find. I had one for the first 6 years I ran, then a couple of years ago he told me that he didn't want to hold me back and wouldn't run with me anymore. See, I was 42 and he was 74 when we met. We just clicked. Hmmmmm, now I'm thinking I need to write tribute blog about him.

    Even if you've found a virtual buddy, you've got something good going for you Jack. Keep pounding the pavement!

  16. Honestly, I got a little misty reading this, Jack. I NEED my friends for motivation. Self-starter I'm not. One friend shows up at my house at 6:30 am every f**king day...rain, sleet, hail, ice, wind, snow, & tornado warning be damned. (We wear Yak Traks whenever there's snow/ice.)

    I guess I'm just a stepchild of the sixties: I get by with a little help from my friends!


  17. I felt the same way yesterday when I was running the two 8's - tomorrow is the 20 minute one. I was pooped but kept thinking of all the folks that are doing this at the same time, those that are a week ahead of me, those that are catching up - I pushed on and I completed it. Now tomorrow when I do that first 20 minute run - I've got to think of someone chasing my ass or I may not make it through. :)
    You have done great Jack and I agree virtual or not, jogging buddies are great!

  18. I'm pretty much a loner to begin with and I rock out to my iPod while I'm groaning in agony. I don't think I'd like a running buddy. All except for the time when I was high fiving imaginary people at the gym when I ran for 4 whole minutes in a row. I kinda looked around to find someone to celebrate with, but no one was anywhere near me on the treadmills. Sigh. Imaginary friends it is.

  19. "They couldn’t look like somebody else that annoys me"

    that was funny.

  20. I am just on day 2. I am already feeling like I may have to repeat week 1 over! Right now my buddy is my hubby, but as long as I had my iPod I wouldn't mind jogging alone.

  21. I know you're lamenting not finding the perfect running partner (and I totally agree with all of your criteria), but this post struck a chord with me because it really is just downright sentimental.

    I've been getting more and more inspiration from people like you and Sue, and it's to the point where even I (the woman with the sofa cushion formed perfectly around her arse) am considering lacing up some running shoes. Now, THAT'S saying something about support. ;-)

  22. Nice post on the praises of partners (real or virtual) jack! It's amazing knowing that someone out there is pushing you to be your best. You just can't let them down! Go buy another skirt and hit the roads. Skip the bra though, you don't need it anymore!

  23. I'm not the type to run with a buddy -- but I have found that the running clubs are surprisingly fun. I did have to shorten my checklist dramatically, but there's always someone who "runs" at a comparable speed. I ran my first 5K about a year ago, and I ran a marathon last month. I bet there's a group in you neck of the woods that would be fun -- if you ever feel the need for more than Sue.

  24. It's totally okay to repeat a week. No one will call you a loser for it. Sometimes, it's the only way to keep going with the program. I know I had to repeat a few days just to get it all in there and eventually finished. You're doing so great and I love your attitude about it all. :-)

  25. wow, I would have put "someone who doesn't annoy me" at the top of the list.

    I just started my C25K this week. Doing it at home on the treadmill and I was thinking of repeating week 1 next week but after reading your post Jack, I think I will move ahead and give week 2 a try. Who knows, maybe it will be easier than I thought.

  26. That you're even running one year later after you began this ride is pretty awesome!

    2 Smartasses ... what could be more fun?

  27. I like the idea of a virtual running buddy.

    Hey..turning lungs inside out is means it will be easier next time. There is something about pushing yourself to the limits that carves new pathways and opens up new doors....I am sure there is some sciency term for it. You are doing great.

    I, too....think about my blog friends when I am exercising....I might think about something amazing one of them has done that inspires me to keep going....or how they might feel if I just throw in the towell. There is a bit of a non-in-your-face sort of accountability in the blogosphere that suits me. I am sure there is a sciency word for that, too..... (recluse nerd-syndrome? lol..kidding)

    Jack, I would run with you. And I would not go too fast and try not to go too slow....and I would definitely laugh and buy you a lemondade. So, add me to your virtual running buddy list (since you are many states away)

  28. I can't run with anyone else. Really, I don't like exercising with anybody else. It's my meditation time, my time to think about my life and what I've done, what I'm doing, what's going on so I'm afraid that I wouldn't fit your criteria.

    If I did have criteria for a running buddy, I imagine it would be something like yours. Minus the lemonade. ;)

  29. Stick with it man. I just took a look at the C25K program, and it looks like he's shooting to get you going at 10 minute miles. You don't have to "take off" at any point to get to ten minute miles. Jog at as comfortable a pace as possible, whatever that means.

    Haha, assclown.

  30. I love having my virtual running buddies in my little blog circle. It's comforting to know that if you don't post for a while that people start to wonder where you've gone. :)

    Keep it up, Jack and the rest of you! I just finished C25K a few weeks ago and I can honestly say I think it's made me, she who used to proclame that she was allergic to running, a runner (well, a jogger, but still). You can do it!

  31. Knowing that somebody out there is going through the same feeling as you are is one of the best motivators, I've found. I can't run with somebody else. It's too much pressure and I just...get distracted. I can't pace myself when I run with somebody else, but I think about all the people struggling with their own runs and it fuels me forward. If they can push through, so can I.

    Keep it up with C25K. Go for endurance, not speed. When you get the endurance part down, the speed will come. C25K is set up like that (it tells you the time to run for or the distance to run for, but not both).

    Stick with it Jack!

  32. I could offer to knock you senseless if you don't get moving if you want me too! :-)

    BTW, on your more blog traffic post, do you find Twitter helps get you more readers. I resist that Twitter like no tomorrow!

  33. I don't like exercise buddies. They make it hard to hear the voices in my head.

    Oh wait...

  34. well jack, running skirts are beautiful...but if you have thick thighs, they can chaff.
    So good on you for pushing through. ;op

  35. I left you something at my blog. :)

    And you should totally get a hot pink sports bra to run in. You wouldn't be able to keep the women away.

  36. Jack! I would fit that bill for your running buddy...oh wait..I don't run. Haha, never mind. I hope you have a great weekend! :)


  37. lol...your post made me laugh. I recently had a doctor I work with say he'd run with me. Of course I wanted him too (hello, he's cute!), but a HUGE part of me did not for some of the reasons you posted I think right now I prefer to run by myself. At least until I 'graduate'....mind you it might have been nice to have a doctor with me in case I keeled over from exhaustion!

    I swear the C25K podcast I listen to when running has sped up the music to therefore speed up my running pace. Dear God, it was brutal....but I did it. Week 6, Day 2 - Done! My first 25min run is on sunday. Wish me luck, I may need it!

  38. I'm almost finished the Couch to 5K program. Though I'm not speedy, I'm happy to say I can run for 30 minutes now.



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