Saturday, November 14, 2009

Ways Losing Weight Is Like Sex

When I was rummaging through the archives for this week's "Same Old Sh*t" entry, I ran across this silly little puff-piece. I've done a few posts in this vein, and I really like them because writing them is an exercise that really makes me thing about this weight-loss journey in a completely different way.
  • There’s no single right way to do it.
  • It’s more fun when somebody’s doing it with you.
  • The whole process is filled with a lot of moaning and groaning.
  • It’s a lot more fun when you experiment.
  • It’s hard to do at a restaurant.
  • Sometimes, you’re just on your own.
  • Size matters.
  • If you don’t move and work up a sweat, you won’t see good results.
  • Even if you’re only partially successful… hey, it’s still good.
  • Sometimes a mirror helps.
  • Getting in new pants is a big incentive.
  • It can make you a little crazy.
  • Eating a submarine sandwich in bed can spoil it.
  • Some days you just know it’s not going to happen.
  • There’s a ton of resources on the internet on the subject.
  • If you do it well, the final result is spectacular.


  1. And don't forget, you may find yourself in all kinds of unusual positions!

  2. Sometimes, explaining it to someone can be embarrassing.

    Love the new "after" picture!

  3. Ah yes, losing weight is exactly like sex! And so, apparently, is eating a banana...

  4. Oh, you are sooo right!

  5. Great BLOG! Just found you and think we could be related....!

  6. Hahaha! I remember reading this one! Cracked up at "sometimes, you're just on your own!"

  7. Oh my, I'm feeling horny! Time to burn some more cals the old fashioned way!

  8. So funny! lol

    And... congrats on the 80.7 lb. weight loss! That is absolutely fantastic... and you look GREAT in that new pic! Wow!!! :)

  9. I just snorted out loud. ;)

    Thanks for starting my weekend off with a laugh.


  10. tee hee

    Hope you're having a great weekend! Peace

  11. Very, very true! Those submarine sandwiches can be a mood killer, but oh so tasty!

  12. I saw the word sex and had to drop by lol.
    Love the post its so right on!

  13. Jack, love them all but really like - There’s no single right way to do it and It’s a lot more fun when you experiment.

    I wish people out there got this. That their way is not always the right way. There are many ways to get to your goal. Also, changing it up & keeping the bod guessing is key!

    Have a great weekend!

  14. I'm ready to get sweaty! (But for what purpose?)

  15. You really are one of the funniest people I know. :-)

  16. I remember this one too. Still just as funny! Actually funnier!
    Thanks for the reminder that there is always a different perspective to be seen.

  17. apparantly I've been sweating for all the wrong reasons....*gone off to find hubby*

  18. Oxy Clean Man is back! Yay! Few more:

    Sometimes it gets really hard

    Slow and steady can be the best way to go

    Don't be ashamed to ask your doctor for help (lap band? Viagra?)

    Don't expect results right away

    When it feels like it will never end, don't worry, it will.

    Wait a while before you invest in a bunch of expensive lingerie

    If you do it too fast, it won't last long

    If I can do it, anyone can!

  19. Just caught up on the last 2 posts...both of them were excellent...both had me laughing out loud....good stuff Jack ;)

  20. Every single one of those was a gem...
    but the whole 'sometimes you are just on your own' ..
    well, let's just say, sometimes that is bitterly true.

  21. * barry white playing in the background *

    gotta have the right tunes for both!

  22. Oh man, my favorite is "Eating a submarine sandwich in bed can spoil it." Made me laugh out loud.

  23. I'm glad you're re-running some of your stuff since I'm a fairly new follower I am enjoying the catch up.

  24. Love this! How about: sometimes you can use the "I have a headache" excuse, but if you do it to often you'll be screwed (and not in the good way). ;)

  25. OMG soooo funny..:) I ♥ your blog!



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