Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My Fitlosophy

I just returned home from Fitbloggin, a gathering of an odd mix of weight losers, healthy living advocates and super hardcore fitness freaks.

I enjoyed getting to meet a lot of interesting folks that I feel like I already knew and even ranalltheway in my first “official” 5K (my plan to take off into the lead and then lead the group in the wrong direction was laid to waste as some of the more accomplished runners finished the run while I was still lacing up my sneakers).

I’ll admit that I was a little bummed out as I listened to a super-fit lady (-4% body fat) discuss emerging trends in exercise. It’s a little bit technical, but here’s the breakdown: everything you’re doing is wrong.

You’d have to be a rocket scientist to really understand the whole deal (dammit… I left MIT two semesters shy of my Rocket Science degree), but it was a trifle disheartening to hear about my workout suckage.

As she droned on about HIIT and carthamasomething, I started thinking about my own Fitlosophy, and I guess it can be boiled down to this:  something is better than nothing.

For a long time, I did a whole lot of nothing. Oh, I got in some exercise from time to time, but there was no rhyme or reason to it. I didn’t work to improve my overall health and I certainly didn’t push myself to any degree.

Now I have goals, even if they’re not always well-defined or working toward specific results. I could be doing better; I’ve spent most of my life doing worse.

I want to replace some of this stubborn fat with steely muscle.

I want to break a sweat running a few miles, not climbing a flight of steps.

I want each day to start with challenge and end a sense of accomplishment (with the cling of a sweat-soaked shirt slipped in somewhere in between).

I want to wear smaller clothes and wear out running shoes.

I want to feel better and feel better about myself.

I want to live fully and age gracefully.

I may not be doing everything perfectly, may not be doing everything in the most optimal manner possible… but I am doing.

And doing > not doing.


  1. Excellent post! I want to dance on my own two feet when I am 75, not balance between two walking canes. I want to have peace of mind and body more than I want piece of cake and ice cream. ~Okay, not a whole LOT more, but enough to stay away from the cake and ice cream for another day. . . .


  2. Something is definitely better than nothing - and you are doing a whole lot of somethings!

    ps-hope you had a great birthday :)

  3. I love to keep up on the latest and greatest...they're always coming up with the best, fastest, new way to do things. But I agree with you, something is better than nothing! We have to remember not to get lost in all that.

  4. "I want to live fully and age gracefully."


  5. LOVE your Fitlosophy. And you can blame the whole not winning the 5K thing on me. I loved running with you :) But I'm no rabbit.

  6. I want to overcome my grandma and be a different kinda one.

  7. Totally had this song stuck in my head while reading: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xJhx6bizOCA

  8. Happy Birthday, Jack.

    Oh, wait, wrong place, wrong time.

    I love this post, Jack. It doesn't have to be all or nothing despite what the so called experts might say. It is about just showing up for yourself and what you want for your life.

  9. Great post. And honestly, I think a lot of us talk shit in our own minds about perfection. Like if we cant run a few miles or get to the gym every dang day then we suck and we may as well sit on the couch and eat a box of cookies. WRONG!!! Something IS better than nothing, much better! I like your goals :-)

  10. I agree with your Fitlosophy, too. I don't think that people trying to get healthy need to hear that they aren't doing enough or doing it the right way.

    Working out to lose weight is a lot like sex: different people like different positions to get them to their...uh...goal. Whatever does it: does it. ;)

  11. Totally agree with this. Too many of these health freaks are all or nothing then state these dramatic statements like you stated. Then we get stuck in them and DO NOTHING. That is too bad that at a health conference they would have people like that speak to an audience that probably struggles with weight and exercise. Not a good message to have.

  12. I think you have the right idea! No need to scare people but just encourage to move more!

  13. And you know what? Something has gotten you skinnier and healthier, whether it was "right" or not.

    I abide by your Fitlosophy - and it's gotten me down 20# (not as much as I'd like, but a whole shitton better than nothing) and in a whole lot better shape.

    Chubby McGee - Love your last paragraph :)

  14. I was getting ready to leave something snarky as a comment, but this is just too solid.

    Thanks man!

  15. I subscribe to your fitlosophy! :)

  16. This is a great post! You've made me a follower :)

  17. ABSOLUTELY! There's so much info out there (that's constantly changing) and trying to understand it all can be overwhelming. The important thing is that we continue to learn and continue to work towards a healthier self.

  18. "And doing > not doing."
    Love that!!

    All that nit picking about workouts and intensity training, this Goo, that cream. It's all a little much for the beginner. I subscribe to your fitlosophy...let's keep it simple.

  19. You know what you just did? You inspired me to go to gym tomorrow instead of Friday... Thanks Jack!



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