Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Ways to Make Dieting More Fun

• Instead of utensils, try eating with lit sparklers.

• To make drinking water more palatable, add sugar-free flavor crystals, scotch, or sugar-free scotch crystals.

• Buy caramel apples and scrape all the caramel off; now it’s just a healthy ol’ apple on a stick.

• Eat a ball of salad.

• A healthy drink can be made more “sassy” by adding some sassafras.

• Chocolate-covered vitamins.

• Drink your water out of a disco ball (see directions at end of post for converting disco ball into water bottle)

• They say “never skip breakfast,” but they never say “never skip during breakfast” so skip to your heart’s content.

• Remove all furniture from your dining room and eat all meals inside an inflatable moon bounce instead.

• Raw veggies are boring; crudités are exotic.

• Make healthy s’mores with roasted cauliflower, carob and melba toast (unless you worry about forever ruining a treasured childhood memory).

• Fat-free salad dressing fountain.

• Cotton balls aren’t as tasty as cotton candy, but waaaaay less sugar.

• When you’re ordering at a restaurant, make sure everything’s prepared to your exact specifications… and order in Pig Latin.

•Experiment with fresh herbs; try some fresh basil on tomatoes, some fresh rosemary in soup or fresh poison ivy on a salad.

•Make every meal a little more fun by reading my blog aloud to your family while eating.

Directions for converting disco ball into water bottle: (1) take disco ball, (2) drill hole in top, (3) fill with water, (4) drink water.


  1. nsteadiay foay ossedtay aladsay...osstay ouryay aladsay niay hetay iraay

  2. Air pudding didn't make the list. ;-)

  3. you are on to something with the crystal, sugar free booze

  4. Oh! I want the bounce house in the dining room!

  5. I always got a laugh from "Nachos Flanders Style" on the Simpsons which consisted of cucumbers and cottage cheese :)

  6. Give me sugar-free margarita crystals and we have a deal.

  7. I think you'll need to siphon that water outta the disco ball through a straw! Hey now, that could catch on!

  8. I am stocking up on the sparklers!

  9. Dear Jack-
    Today I have had one of the sh*ttiest days I can remember in a long time. It was heartbreaking.
    YOUR BLOG is the first thing that has made me laugh ALL DAY LONG. I owe you an atta boy pat on the bottom for this.



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