Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Tale of Two Sh*tty's

Weekly weigh-in: 225.5
Loss: --
Total loss: -66.4

Emotion: Resolved

It was the best of weigh-ins. It was the worst of weigh-ins.

It seems as though that's my modus operandi these days. I go back and forth more than a contestant on "So You Think You Can Dance."

I know that success with this weight-loss business comes from stringing good days together.

 I know it...I know it like I know the lyrics to any and every 60's or 70's TV sitcom... I know it and I still struggle.

I half-heartedly hopped on the scale a couple of weeks ago and saw a number that set off the emergency sirens in my skull.

I know in my heart of hearts that it was an artificially high number due to a super-salty spread at ourfavorite Ethiopian restaurant, but it still got my attention.

So I buckled down and tried to see if my outlandish "eat-less and exercise-more" regimen was still just crazy enough to work.

I measured and tracked on the food front, grunted and groaned through my daily workouts.

It was really tough sledding for a couple of days, but I finally settled back into at least the semblance if a regular routine.

Sometimes an even-steven weigh-in feels like a victory and sometimes it feels like a kick in the kidneys.

This time?

This time I'm too busy looking forward to the next weigh-in to pay it much mind...


  1. Its persistence - day in and day out - and starting over each moment if we have to - that wins this race. Not perfection.

  2. Just being aware is your best tool my friend. I'm setting some tough goals for myself for the week ahead. Seems like there's always another notch to be kicked up :)

  3. Way To Go on the progress you've made so far!! Sometimes it's easy to get so caught up in the moment and it can be seem overwhelming & disappointing. But taking a step back & looking at the big picture...Well, you've accomplished so much & all those healthy milestones still deserve recognition - even in the face of a not-so-hot day/week. Congrats on your success thus far & here's to that next weigh in! :)

  4. What do you eat Jack? Not sure if I have ever seen a what does Jack eat post...if there is one, please refer me. Thanks!!!

    Have a great week!!!

  5. I so know how you feel, this post sounded like my past week too with the crazy number on the scale and just trying to get back to the old number, glad you made it. Here's to a lower number on the scale for both of us.

  6. Love the title; glad you broke even.

  7. and why is this english lit nerd now wondering how many people would get the IT WAS THE BEST/WORST reference these days??


  8. I feel ya Jack. I feel ya.

  9. Jack
    I am a regular follower of your blog but haven't been able to visit in a few months. Hadn't you lost 90+ at some point? Or 80+? What's that 66 total doing there?
    If it helps I want to give you a swift kick in the ass. Stop that slide immediately!



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