Friday, May 6, 2011

You May, Indeed, Be a Fat-Neck…

When you’re flippin’ through some older photos and you run across something like this… well, all you can do is laugh…

If you wear Levi 1002s instead of 501s, you might be a fat-neck.

If the picture on your driver’s license is continued on the other side, you might be a fat-neck.

If you’re crossing the street and a motorist swerves to miss hitting you but runs out of gas in the process, you might be a fat-neck.

If you turn a teeter-totter into a catapult, you might be a fat-neck.

If you wear control-top turtlenecks, you might be a fat-neck.

If you’ve ever had a run in your blue jeans, you might be a fat-neck.

If you have to wear a three-piece bathing suit, you might be a fat-neck.

If people come up to you, rub your belly, and say “Oh Buddha, grant me my wish,” you might be a fat-neck.

If you can’t find a shawl that fits, you might be a fat-neck.

If you’re being recruited to be on The Biggest-est Loser, you might be a fat-neck.

If you sit down in your bathtub and the water in the toilet bowl rises, you might be a fat-neck.

Here's to everyone who's on the road to a healthier future.
It may take longer than you want, but we're gonna get there! 
Until then, keep your chins up.


  1. Love it! You Blog is great, makes me laugh every time i read it!


  2. Jack I have been reminded over your last couple of posts that I really shouldn't drink my morning coffee while reading ;-).

  3. Thankyou. This was a great blog post to wake up to.

  4. If your drivers license picture wraps around to the back...priceless!

  5. Oh gosh this was funny! I'd like to say I lol'd, but really I snickered quietly so my boss wouldn't hear me. Anyway - good stuff here. :)

  6. Pictures were taken yesterday and in one of them I discovered that I am indeed a fat-neck!!!

    Here's to less-neck in the future.

  7. I agree with Kimberley. Here's to a less neck in the future. My fav one was the buddha belly rub. LMAO. Have a good weekend!

  8. Control top turtle necks? That cracked me up!

  9. LOL! Oh my god. I needed a good laugh - and you provided. =) Chin is up, motivation is finally high.

  10. No more fat necks and triple chins here!

  11. omg.
    I meant that in a funny way.
    As in, gosh, you're funny.
    Also, nice neck.

  12. Haha!! This is really funny. I suppose since lately I have been kind of obsessed with seeing if my neck is getting fatter or thinner lol.

  13. Hahahah! That toilet bowl one had me laughing the hardest! I have lots of pictures of me and my fat neck...but I am happy to say it's getting smaller! Great post :)



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