Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mister Sh*t's Neighborhood

It’s a wonderful day for a weigh-in, dude.
A wonderful day for a weigh-in.
Can you lose weight?
Will you lose weight?

You’ve been working out your booty, dude.
Working off your booty.
Can you lose weight?
Will you lose weight?

I have always wanted to have a body that’s fit and trim.
Have always wanted to look good when I hit the gym.

So, let’s make some changes and start it today.
Go get a workout in, that’s what I say.
Can you be fit?
Yeah, says Jack Sh*t.
Hope you have a good weigh-in.


    my claim to fame in this life? Fred Rodgers is from where I grew up and, when I grew up :), and worked retail through my masters program I sold him many many speedos (!).

    OOOH and I also taught Mr. SPEEDY DELIVERY McFeely's son to swim.

    (am I famous by default yet?)

  2. LOVE this! Yes, it was a good one!

  3. Just thought I'd husband read your raven post (he avoids certain foods like sugar, etc because it helps with his narcolepsy) He said that since then when he's craving junk, soda, etc he thinks of that post.

  4. The cardigan gets me every single time. This was sweet!

  5. This song is stuck in my head now! Darn you! :-)

  6. Me too, fat chance. Unbelievable the songs that get stuck in there, and now it's Mister Roger's creepy voice singing his version. Ugh.

    BTW ... I'm back! I have great motivation for getting healthy. My son now has seizures, and I can't move him to safety in my current health state.

    Have a great one ... Vee at

  7. This made me laugh. Thank you. My daughter came over to see what was so funny, and I shooed her away. This is for GROWNUPS, I said.



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