Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weighed-And-See Attitude

Scale:  Welcome back, Jack. I can’t decide if you’re a glutton for punishment or just… well… a regular glutton.

Me: C’mon… let’s get this over with…

Scale: What’s the big hurry? We don’t spend much time together during the week. This is my only chance to tell you what I really think of you…

Me: A number please.

Scale: Oh… so it’s just “Wham, bam, weigh you, ma’am.” Is that how it’s gonna be?

Me: If you don’t mind…

Scale: Let me tell you about today’s specials.

Me: Kill me…

Scale: Today we have your choice of a teeny-weeny loss, a teeny-tiny gain or a biggish gain.

I know that’s all you’ve been serving up lately, but I was hoping for a little something special this morning.

Scale: A WHOLE POUND DOWN? Damn, Jack! What’s gotten into you?

Me: Less food, I’d say.

Scale: Well, I’ll get you next week.

Me: You don’t understand: I’m not locked in here with you. You’re locked in here with me.

Scale: Tough guy. What’s that even mean anyway?

Me: I dunno. I just heard it in a movie one time.
Weekly weigh-in: 224.4
Loss: -1.1
Total loss: -67.5
Emotion: On it


  1. Great job!

    How much do you have to lose to shut the damn thing up? I've yet to hit that magic number. Thought maybe you'd know.

  2. Yayyy Jack! I need some of that "on it" from your mood! Pass some my way, please!

  3. You got that scale whipped!

  4. Yay! Awesome job! I love your 'emotion' section too. An important element we often forget.



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