Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Good, Gooder, Bestest

Good: You just walked a kilometer.
Gooder: You just walked a mile.
Bestest: You just walked a kilomile (kilometer + mile).

You buy fresh vegetables at the Farmer’s Market.
Gooder: You grow your own vegetables in your yard.
Bestest: You have garden growing in a fanny pack you wear at all times and eat veggies the very moment they achieve perfect ripeness.

Good: You can do ten regular push-ups.
Gooder: You can do ten one-arm push-ups.
Bestest: You can do ten no-arm push-ups.

Good: “These jeans are too tight.”
Gooder: “These jeans are the perfect fit.”
Bestest: “Whose jeans are these?”

Good: You drink a glass of water each day.
Gooder: You drink several glasses of water each day.
Bestest: You have gills.

Good: They turned your blog into a book.
Gooder: They turned your blog into a movie.
Bestest: They turned your blog into… oh, you just woke up from a beautiful night’s sleep.

Good: You’ve realized that you need to decide to be the best you you can be.
Gooder: You’ve decided to be the best you you can be.
Bestest: You’re the best you you can be.


  1. Love this post, my favorite is the jeans one. :)

  2. I'm on board with ANYTHING involving a fanny pack.

  3. Great post. I love the be the best you can be and the dream one lol.

  4. Ten no arm pushups!!! ha ha - love it! I love these posts, they always make me lol :-)



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