Monday, August 8, 2011

The Most Useful Post Ever...

I made this card one weekend 
when I simply couldn't bear weighing in. 

Of course, it inspired a host of other similar cards...

Use them in good health.

Note: there's no "Get Out of Commenting Free" card...


  1. How much will you sell that last one for? There are days Cranky Fitness readers would be way better off if I had a few of those hanging around.

    (Though have you ever noticed it's almost as much work to NOT post and then explain why, but figure out a way to fancy it up a bit and then soon enough, you're posting anyway?)

    Hope you're off doing something fun!

  2. LOVE & especially those last too - I say whatever way too much! ;-)

  3. Since there is no card, I will have to comment. Very cute!

  4. I think I have used the Get Out of Scale Card too many times. Several times since I came back to the world even. But I try not to stay away too long. Like blogging, straying too far from the scale gods usually spells weight gains for me.

  5. I'd like to pay for the "get out of scale" card right now. I'll pay any numeral amount at this point. Your post made me laugh! Good work.

  6. LOVE the cards! I definitely need a "get out of scale!"

  7. Wow...we must have some zodiac commonalities. I made the same kind of card a month ago. I had no idea, but figures YOU are so crafty and witty with songs and humor.



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