Saturday, August 13, 2011

There are seemingly a million reasons why we're on this journey, from the frivolous to the serious, from fun and games to life and death. Some of us want it for ourselves and others for those around us. Some because they want more out of this life and some because they expect more out of themselves. What's your reason? What drives you down this path to living a more healthy life? What's your motivation?

That's not a rhetorical question, dumbass! Jot down your answer on a card, a scrap of paper, your hand... and find some way to electronically deliver it to

Winter Slytherin @ These Mother Moons  


  1. I like this one..and our attitudes do rub off on our children. Good post Jack.

  2. I grew up with a father who constantly told me I was fat. This led to be coming anorexic and fighting it throughout my teen years and young adult life. Am I going to lie to myself and say I am 100% again no. Did it lead me to my constant need to workout everyday and stay healthy yes.
    I try to eat well and get daily workouts in. I will never do what my father did to me to my Samantha! I don't care what size or shape she becomes I will love her and tell her how beautiful she is no matter what!



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