Sunday, August 7, 2011

I Gained a Pound

Weekly weigh-in: 226.0

Loss: +1.0
Total loss: -65.9

Emotion: Ticked

I gained a pound.

How did it happen?

Who’s to blame?

What’s the matter?

Why did it occur?

Where did it come from?

I gained a pound.

It happens.

I’m to blame.

I ate more than I should.

That’s where it always comes from.

I gained a pound.

I need to get to work…


  1. One pound?

    ((Rolling eyes and counting it as exercise))


  2. Jack,
    I can gain a pound if I inhale while driving past the Merita Bread factory during baking hours.

    While a pounds can appear due to non-food reasons like lack of sleep, hydration issues, hormones . . . sometimes a pounds happens because I am responsible by my actions. . . .kudos for taking an action now instead of waiting for for this pound to invite his friends over to stay.

    . . . it is solely MY hand
    that brings food to my face
    So who is responsible
    for the dimensions of my waist?


  3. I love accountability - good for you Jack for not making up excuses! It will come off - back to basics! :-)

  4. I can gain a pound in JERKY sodium.

    as you said. no panic. back to bizzasics.

  5. Maybe it was muscle?

    I'm right there with you man.

    Weight Loss 101. My 17th semester.



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