Saturday, August 29, 2009

Games for the Weight Loss Crowd

Been in my “Weird Al” mode all week it seems and hadn’t farted out a stupid list. Shame on me!
  • Fatgammon
  • Crazy 8 Too Much
  • Weightzee
  • Gobbleoboly
  • Hungry, Hungry Me-O
  • Buttership
  • Cribbinge
  • Pai Chow
  • Scrabbled Egg Whites
  • Sorry (I Ate That Can of Frosting)
  • Chutes and Ladles
  • Sugar-Free Candyland
  • Chinese Chicken Checkers
  • Munch Trap
  • Lap-Band Operation
  • Twistler
  • Hi Ho! Chubby-O
  • Bloggerdash
  • Jenga with Jillian
  • Old Fat Maid
  • Trouble (with Chocolate)
  • No Clue
  • SwallOthello
  • Weighty Pursuit
  • Carb-nect Four
  • Pigtionary
  • Scale-agories
  • Lite Life
  • Macaroni & Parcheesi
  • Belly Boggle
  • Stratego Get Something to Eat


  1. So many good ones on here, but Lapband Operation isn't even that much of a stretch (haha)--the game Operation involves a little rubberband "procedure" already! I also adored "No Clue" and "Hungry Hungry Me-O" but the marbles would have to be replaced with Reese's pieces.

  2. HI Ho! CHUBBY-O

    I loved the "regular" version of that game when I was little. hehe:)

    Great post, clever as always!

    Im pissed about eating that cracker BTW, I should have lacquered and framed it. lol

  3. I think your blog is lovely, so please accept this award for being such an awesome person, fat fighter, and example to the world. :)

    You can claim your award at my most recent blog, drumroll please. Have a blessed day!

    By the way, I adore this post. I'm a board game nerd, and this is splendid. I'm going to link it from my next blog.

  4. Chinese Chicken Checkers....I think I had that for dim sum one time.

  5. Immmmmmm sailingggg awayyyyyy.....on the Buttership! I also like Sorry (I ate the can of frosting)!!

  6. Sorry (I Ate That Can of Frosting) is my favorite.

  7. Haha, I love Macaroni & Parcheesi.

  8. These are great! Pigtionary is a classic.

  9. Enjoyed the list! Macaroni and Parcheesi being my favorite!

    Always awesome to come here.

    My best

  10. Jenga with Jillian...I can ONLY imagine... :D

  11. SwallOthello. HAHA. Awesome.

    And about that whole curse word thing. I was worried about it at first, then I realized that, as far as I know, you are the only person that looks at my blog anyways. Worst case scenario, it stays at upopular as it already is, can't get much worse, lol. Or maybe it'll give some street cred and the added edge will make me a blogging superstar. Similar to my blogging idol, Jack Sh*t.

    Hey, its not a board game, but it'd be a hit, Bloggerican Idol

  12. I need to comment here more, but I would say the same thing over and over: You make me LAUGH, how on earth can one person be SO creative?

    I just listened to your interview with Sean. (I'm that behind.) That was so cool to put a voice to your words...I flipped the computer over, but I couldn't find your picture. lol

    I was stalking your blog while listening. I was one of the first five commenters here. I am very proud of that--you're one of my favorite bloggers, and I'm excited/proud I was here from almost the beginning. =)

    Blammo! (Love that, will start saying it! lol)

  13. How about UNO

    Has nothing to do with weight-loss, but what a game!

  14. Where do I buy those games??? lol

  15. The most essential issue to be addressed when you’re looking to lose weight is, choosing a diet that works and not one that poses a threat to your health. Yes you heard right, even though you may look to lose weight to better your health it can it fact twist this and cause more serious problems, even death.

  16. My favorite is Sorry I ate the frosting probably because I LOVE frosting.

    Looks like your Saturdays around here aren't where blogs go to die anymore.:) How encouraging. Hope you're having a good weekend too.

  17. I've played a different version of "Sorry." It's called "Sorry (I Ate a Dozen Doughnuts)

  18. Great list!! I love Crazy 8 too much! Glad I don't play that game anymore.

  19. Jenga with Jillian!! Love it.

  20. Ok, sorry for the extra comment but I just thought of another one:

    Risk 221.0



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