Sunday, August 9, 2009

Gaining Perspective (Among Other Things)

Weekly weigh-in: 231.3
Loss: +2.0 lbs
Total loss: 60.2 lbs.
Emotion: Un-monkish

This was the week that Life decided to interrupt my crazy double-time march to my goal weight. After a week of *perfect*, things took a turn for the decidedly un-perfect.

On Sunday, I took my first day off from exercising in three weeks. I knew I needed it, but it made me restless and semi-irritable. Then I had a beer at supper because my wife Anita accused me of being a monk, and not one of those fun-loving party monks you hear about all the time with their wild parties at the monastery. No, she meant a boring, no-fun monk. So… to prove that I’m no stick-in-the-mud, I knocked down a cold one.

Then on Monday, my office celebrated a big anniversary with champagne and donuts (WTF?) at a breakfast meeting. Even though I’d had my normal breakfast, I went ahead and had a pastry and a glass of bubbly, so I wouldn’t be thought of as the office monk. Later that afternoon, we had a little ice cream celebration continuation with a mini-station from Ben & Jerry’s. Maybe there’s a sorbet or low-fat option? Of course not. So most of a small cup of Chocolate Fudge Brownie goes down the gullet, but at least I’m back on the exercise track.

Tuesday was looking good until supper. Anita had made a fresh apple crumble for dessert, and I just couldn’t be rude now, could I? Ice cream on top? But of course.

Wednesday was an all-day meeting that included lunch (a deli sammich and some chips and salsa… though I did lay off the cookies and brownies). Three days in and this week is looking like an absolute train wreck. I go to the gym after work, but now I'm just trying to minimize the damages.

Thursday was supposed to be another lunch meeting (and more deli food), but it was cancelled, so I got in my regular workout and things started getting a little more back to abnormal.

Another beer on Saturday and a can retire both the monk robe and the title of “Most Biggest Loser-Like.” I’m looking forward to weighing in about as much as I am the proctologist’s gentle probings. Last week I hopped on the scale with reckless abandon; this week I stepped on like it was covered with hot coals.

Though I can’t call it an absolute success, this is the kind of week I’m probably going to have to deal with more often than not as I go forward on this journey. Moments to savor, tough-it-out days to try and settle back up.

And I did learn this at least: *perfect* is a tough act to follow.


  1. Yep. Those office foodie incidents are 99.99% impossible to conquer.

  2. I have no doubt in my mind that those two pounds won't be staying with ya long, Mr. Sh*t! :)

  3. I was really hoping you would get closer to the Pickles!!!!!

    Next week my friend, next week!

  4. Remember the old "stick and stones can break my bones" (and feel free to use it to make a silly post). While being called a monk might smart, she could have just been mocking your hairline. Plus there are a lot of haters out there (also known as "spouses") who get freaked out when you make a positive life change, and handle it by having brownies at the ready.

    Plus, what's so bad about being the office monk? Maybe you'd get to wear that cool robe!

  5. Maybe she called you a monk because of your vow of silence. No? Not your style?

    To help get back to that perfect monk mentality, may I suggest a new hair-do and possibly a huge brown robe?

    This is just part of the roller coaster ride. The sucky part. At least next week's weigh-in you will probably look forward to.

  6. Sackcloth is so last year dahlink! Although, plenty roomy!

    You will lose those 2lbs plus more next week - no need to be perfect, OK will do!

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  9. Small gain, you will have this back off in no time!

  10. I'm going to have to agree with Dina. I think one of my biggest obstacles is my spouse. I think he is afraid of my success in weight loss. Even though he tries to be encouraging, he still hands me an open package of oreos and offers me some. I think he just doesn't get it yet. I really don't want one, I don't need one, and I really shouldn't have one. The temptation is not easy to deal with. Getting easier, but it is still pretty rough around here.
    Hang in there. It'll get better!

  11. Interesting experiment you've had.

    One week of extreme health & fitness & one week of extreme (at least is seems to be for you) splurges.

    The obvious outcome is you have learned where your middle ground is. You can have some, but not all the beer, apple crumble, champagne (for brekkie at work...dang, I hope y'all aren't using heavy equipment), etc....

    Certainly a learning experience. Knowledge is gold so your gain wasn't all for naught. Besides you don't seem the type to let a little gain get in your way.

  12. I bet that 2, PLUS MORE comes off next week! You can do it Jack! :)

  13. Hmm, I'm sensing a trend with spousal beer pushing.

    "Perfect" is a tough act to follow, the important thing being that there IS a follow up act of renewed effort. Those 2 pounds are as good as gone!

    And the office scene? Not something I have to deal with luckily, but my husband gripes about it all the time. Sometimes he'll sneak a brownie in his pocket and then toss it when he comes home. Which might be easier said than done in the donut/champagne scenario.

  14. Maybe you should just be happy with being a monk. lol Life can be a mega pain in the a** when it comes to things like this and it always seems to snowball.
    Your right that you will probably have to face this again hopefully you have learned a lesson and can fly through it next time.
    You could always walk in, look at the food and say WTH is the deal guys you know I am working on my hotness! Especially with your wife ;)
    Put this week behind you and move ahead. Everybody has them. You have a great blog and I look forward to coming back.


    Here's to next week. Life happens.

  16. You had a really big loss the week before...maybe part of this gain is an adjustment. Looks like you get to experience life at 231 for a few days; soon you'll be seeing it in the rearview mirror.

  17. I'm with Actual Scale.. you need to find a LIVEABLE, SUSTAINABLE middle ground. I enjoy wine still at most dinners, and allow for the occasional treat. You have too, cause otherwise you'll never learn how to live, and you'll gain it ALL back.

    Don't let this get you down. Having said that, i'm sure it won't, because you can't keep a good man down. ;)

    Work out a liittle bit more this week, up the water, and flush this week out of your system. Moving onward.....

  18. I think this is one of the hardest parts of this whole process.. saying tough sh*t to what other people want you to do or what they think! All this office crap or even at home, do what is right for you & screw the rest. I don't care what my hubby says or thinks about my food becasue I am in control of my body & health. AND, now he is just so used to it!

    Now I am not saying never enjoy BUT ya know, it is about you, not them!

    Every once in a while is no big deal but it can become a habit again very easily.

    Now saying that, now that you are back at it, the weight is going to come off! Also, I will say that I used to work out every day & learned from experience that the bod needs at least 1 day off per week.. even if it is "active rest".

    You go Jack!

  19. Dude, monks are badass. Just learn to say no unless you *really* feel the need to indulge. Champagne and donuts for breakfast? That's just ridiculous. But it's all good. Shake it off. Get ready to blast those two pounds away next week.

  20. Occasionally indulging in a controlled way I believe is the key. I'm eating an ice cream bar right know as I type this. 110 calories. It fits in my calorie budget today and it's deeeeeelicious! My "nothing is off limits" philosophy completely eliminates feeling deprived in any way. BUT--the trick to that is portion control. 1 beer, no big deal. 5 beers? Kills that days calorie budget. A glazed and raised donut? 140 to 250 calories---OK, not the best calorie value, but it's a choice I could make given the circumstances.
    I tell people around me "don't change what you're planning and eating for me, I'll navigate within my limits--no problem. When they say things like "come on, Sean---just one!" I smile and say--- "I'm very content, having a great time, but no thanks."
    Eye of the tiger Jack, eye of the tiger my friend.
    Are you going through the motions needed to lose weight? Or Are you really changing your behaviors for long term success? That's the question, and the answer determines if you'll keep it off forever.
    That last sentence will have a much better effect coming from me in 10 years. But I seriously doubt you'll still be losing weight in 10 years---you'll have long since hit your goal my friend.
    You're an amazing weight loss superhero Jack Sh*t. You're an inspiration to me. And don't you ever forget that.

    My best always

  21. As if that wasn't long enough...

    If you tell yourself "I'm not the type that can indulge just a little," then you will not be.
    We become whatever we constantly tell ourselves.
    Change your mix tape my friend.

  22. I've definately had weeks like that. Sometimes two in a row. But then I start feeling sluggish and crappy, and that's when I try to get back on track and start feeling good again.

    When it comes to indulging, I try never to induge in anything that's not really "worth it" to me. Yeah, well, sometimes that doesn't always happen as I ate my weight in Laffy Taffy (Yes, laffy taffy) yesterday, but that's my general rule of thumb. Keep on keeping on.


  23. So find somewhere between the 'perfect but not something you can do forever and ever' week and the 'I don't want to be a monk' week and settle there

  24. You may have had some "perfect" weeks, but none of us are "perfect" by any means. Your human and your going to stumble! I dont exactly see you as the kind of guy to stay down! Get up and fight, thats you! Good luck this week.....and stay away from the sweets (but if you should have a beer, have one for me to k?)

  25. Just found this quote:
    Hunger is the best pickle. ~~ Benjamin Franklin

    Keep that in mind for the next few pounds, eh?

  26. Seriously!?!?! Champagne at a breakfast meeting!! Talk about a hard way to stay on plan! WTF for real!!!
    I can so relate to your blog Jack...maintenance is just hitting you right between the eyes and then you climb back into that saddle and you look at that scale and you shout a John Wayneism at it..."fill your hands your SOB!", or some such thing! (sorry, just had to throw in a quote from the Duke...hehehe.) Don't let the scale define you.
    I'm learning the hard way that this is the way it's going to be from here on out. But that's OK...because now I know how stop the mudslide before it gets out of control!
    Good luck this week, and hang in there my friend!!
    It's all down hill from here! :)

  27. Maybe she just thinks you look like Tony Shalhoub. I get that a lot too.

  28. perfect is picking yourself back up again - keep up the good work!!

  29. I live this experience at least once a month. But, dedication also lands us back on the right path. I think it's also a healthy dose of humility, reminding us how easy a few days of sinning will cause repercussions.

  30. We both gotta stop f*cking up!!!!!!!

    You know your the man!

    Here's to a good week.

    Flip mode.

  31. Too bad we can't just be on "Weight Loss Island" and eliminate all outside distractions. It would probably be pretty lonely though!

  32. Everything in balance. Ying-Yang. All that bullsh*t. My balance is a jar of peanut butter and a sack of chocolate cookies...oh not that balance....

    Go meditate on it Mr Monk :D

  33. To be quite honest, I'm not surprised since you lost such a huge number the previous week. A lot of it is probably just water weight though, so I wouldn't be too discouraged. Keep up the good work---kick ass as always.

  34. I think monks wear robes because that's where they hide the food stash. Get your groove on again Jack.

  35. First off...I have to say that your wife is the FIRST wife I've ever heard of in my 37 years of living that complains because her hubby doesn't drink ENOUGH beer...I was truly shocked at that one.

    Second off....this doesn't sound like the Jack I know. Giving in to the wife and the office co-workers??? Who are you and what have you done with Jack??!!

    Pull your sh*t together and hit it hard this week. I know you can do it, but more importantly, I know you WANT to do it. We're soldiers....gear up and get back in the battle. I'll be right beside you. :)

  36. just gotta come back and say... Sean is one very smart dude.

  37. I think you have a great attitude about it!

  38.*t happens, right?!?!? Forget about it and kick ass this week!!

  39. Ah that weight'll come off like nothin'. You're doing great!

  40. Don't throw those robes away just yet. There's a horse to get back on just outside. You've been kicking butt so much...a breather was defintely in the cards at some point.

  41. It's tough dealing with everyone else and 'demands'. You'll figure out how to deal with these things and keep on trucking.

    'I'm allergic' is a good phrase that stops the pushing. :)

    Perfect is overrated.

  42. Sorry to hear you had such a tough week.

    On the whole, I do think there are times where consuming a bit more than you might for the sake of spousal peace/being part of the team at work make sense.

    Accept it and move on. The two pounds will be gone next week.

  43. the week after a big loss is always hard - your body was bound to be like "hey, wait a minute here..."

  44. Sorry you had a rough week. I'm sure next week will be better.

  45. why is beer the devil? its made out of like barely or hops or something. its not like liquid sugar. or, maybe it is. i get the effing monk thing as well. well, they dont call me a "monk," per se, but i see their judging eyes. only 3 beers? why not 12 beers and a shot of jager?

    for me its hard in public. im not ashamed of trying to be healthy, lose weight, etc, but i dont want to have to explain myself, so sometimes i guess go with the flow and it ruins sh*t.

    this is not a parable and i have no moral. except every week isnt like this. and i guess thats how life is. you can track it most of the time, but these unexpected things creep up and you take care of bi-ness the next week.

  46. Those weeks happen to all of us. Probably could have been worse, and I know you're back on track 100% today.
    You'll have one of those disgustingly stellar weigh-in's next week, I'm sure!

  47. Ahh, reading yours and other's blogs always seem to find me at the right time. And youre attitude about it all is pretty monkish, but in a way cool way. thanks for this post, it met me just in time :)
    I know this sort of thing wont set you back. Just a regular ol' hello-life sort of thing :) And you're monk enough to get back to business in no time!

  48. I can't wait for your post "15 Ways to Kill Your Monk Identity Without Overeating."

    Yours will definitely beat these. . . but just to get you started. . .

    #1 Disrobe in public (show 'em what you got, baby)

    #2 Pick up the champagne, toast, and picture everyone naked--leave the champange somewhere as you go to the bathroom to chill off by tossing cold water on your face

    #3 Carry one of those twisty twirly straws and drink your healthy drink of choice with it. Hum a tune as you sip for more display of your glee (after all, you can hum now.)

    #4 See how many donuts you can stack on a your finger, someone else's finger, a pencil. . . turn your back and count, adding 5 to whatever your top number was. . . hand out the "used" donuts to the most beautiful person in the room (or the one who blushes the most easily)

    #5 Whisper a dirty limerick in your wife's ear using the word monk

    #6 Make sounds like Meg Ryan in the diner with each spoonful of ice cream you eat. . . people will beg you to stop before the bowl is empty

  49. I sometimes wonder if our "perfect" weeks are always followed by a week from hell. Just the universe's way of keeping us humble.

  50. donuts and champagne, what a great celebration....oy we can't be perfect all the time!

  51. Great attitude, we all have these weeks. Isn't it so annoying how life can get in the way of our weight loss goals? Hehe



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