Sunday, August 30, 2009

That's The Weigh It Goes Sometimes...

Weekly weigh-in: 227.1
Loss: +1.5 lbs
Total loss: 64.4 lbs.
Emotion: Achey-Breaky


I popped a rubberband in my back while playing basketball early in the week and I’ve been pretty much shut down all week. I did manage a half-ass workout on Friday, but other than that, it’s been all quiet in Sweatsville.

It ticks me off that my appetite seems to increase when I’m not exercising (the exact opposite conclusion that TIME magazine came to with its controversial story about exercise not helping people lose weight which I would link to here if I wasn’t just so damn lazy. I found myself eating a little more than usual, despite not burning as many calories as usual. Not a recipe for success, let me tell you.

Still… I’ll give myself credit for realizing what was what and at least making a good-hearted effort to rein in my wanton eating, but I knew that I’d have to readjust my goals to simply maintaining this week (and I came up short there as well).

The worst part of being down is that I really want to get my sweat on, really want to revel in that good feeling of pushing myself a little harder than I did the day before. It’s amazing how much this stuff gets into your blood and how easy it is to lose that good momentum you’ve built up.

I’m not going to fret about this slight up-tick on the scale. I’m healing up and heading back to the gym this week. It does go to show that the “eat less, exercise more” principle doesn’t work so well when you ignore one side of the equation.

A few housekeeping notes…

* Back in the good ol’ days (last month), I was pretty good about paying back anyone who chose to follow JSGF, with special attention to those who took the time to leave comments on my posts. I’m woefully behind on that, but I’m making an effort to correct it.

* Several commenters suggested that I incorporate a “Thumbs Up” feature on the site, so I’ve added a link to StumbleUpon’s “Thumbs Up” feature over on the right-hand side. If you’re not familiar with StumbleUpon, it’s a really handy way to suck up whatever remaining free time you have during the day with aimless internet meandering. Anyway, if you like what you see here, a “thumbs up” is always appreciated.

* Several alert readers have detected a Southern “twang” in my voice from the audio interview with Sean Anderson at The Daily Diary of a Winning Loser. I truly appreciate your concern; I’ve already scheduled an appointment with a doctor to have it looked into. Let’s pray that we caught it in time…


  1. Yes, Jack, I was terribly concerned about that twang. Where did you pick it up and will I get it too by reading your blog?

    P.S. As someone who has to be very careful about not overdoing it exercise-wise (I'm being totally serious here. Arthritis is a b*tch), all I can say is "slow and steady", my friend. Don't try to break any records.

  2. Jack...the southern twang is luverly!! May as well keep it.

    You've lost freaking 64 pounds (amazing btw), so don't worry, not exercising for 1 week won't stop you. Glad to hear you're dealing with the 'wanton eating' I do enjoy wanton eating.

  3. Ugg. I feel your pain about the weight gain and...we like the southern twang. I really didn't mean that to rhyme.

  4. Know how it is to gain weight. I haven't been participating in the second part of the eat less, move more for about a week and I don't find that I'm any more or less hungry. I find that I'm more stressed!

    I stumbled you! It is a great way to suck up my spare time (that I should be using to move more).

  5. Upticks happen. Glad you're not letting it derail the overall process.

    Hope your back is healing well!

  6. Hope your back feel better soon! And take it slow exercising again.

  7. i enjoyed the lyle mcdonald interview where he said there are two kinds of diet/exercisers, one kind works out and lessens their appetite,feels movtivated ect.

    the other kind works out and for what ever reason, wants to eat more, either patting themselves on the back or whatever.

    if i don't exercise, i eat more, period.

  8. Keep on truckin Jack! THUMBS UP!

    :) did ya see I re-named my salad after your comment?? lol

  9. sorry about the gain... injuries happen... but I bet it feels good to be itching to workout. like needing the activity... missing it...

  10. Ok, Mr. S, just take care of yourself, we want to hear more exploits, but not at the risk of you damaging yourself! You will get better, and you'll have a 'hot dog' in no time!


  11. Isn't it amazing how exhilirating exercise is to us now?

    Keep trucking along!

  12. Don't go losing that southern twang! I love it and wish I had one of my own.... :)

    I too think that Time article was ridiculous. How can working out not help you lose weight? Every blogger I see on here uses working out as part of the equation and it heps us all to stay healthy and lose. ugh.

    Sorry you've been mia from the gym this week. Good luck healing and getting back to your mojo!

  13. hey jack,
    maybe consult with me before your next radio interview, I am sure we can work out a nice foreign accent together, just to confuse your listeners.
    I hate down-times, and while being in a very good state these day I can give you some smart advise (I am always good in not following my own great advise though...)
    ...actually, coming to think about it, who am I wanting to advise you?!? you are my 'weight-loss hero' after all.
    I am quite sure you'll manage to come out of down-time even stronger!
    just remember the road is not as straight as we want it to be, there are bumps and bends... but:
    The journey is the reward after all!

  14. Sorry to hear about the injury - good for you not getting derailed by a slight wt gain this week. I know how easy it is to let whats on the scale affect my mood. A slight bump in the road doesn't matter when we're in this long term AKA the rest of our lives.
    Hadn't heard about the Times article; sounds like a load of bulls*t. When it comes to food, fitness and health I don't trust the media. And "scientific" studies are not much better (Remember eat margarine not butter?) As a family doc I'll let you in on a secret: docs are just as confused as everyone else.
    Get better soon Jack, your blog is a daily "must read"

  15. I hate bodily noises-pops and such from various parts!
    I hate that Time article too.
    But here's to hoping you're back in the game soon.
    After all, those pickles are looming!

  16. It's very important to allow your body to heal. I am sure it will thank you when you are able to get back into the swing of things by giving you great numbers next week.

    I don't suppose I realized that lack of exercise led to increased appetite. (Dont tell anyone that, though. I'm a nurse, I should know these things.) Thanks for pointing that out. That's probably why I had the horrible desire to eat all week. It's a vicious cycle isn't it?

  17. Hi Jack,

    I have just heard your interview with Sean, I enjoyed it greatly thank you. I tend to be a lurker on your blog, not leaving many comments but you to strike a chord with me most ddays as well as giving me something to laugh about.

    Carry on carrying on you are Ace.


  18. Jack,
    The fact that you're keenly aware of these things is a major difference from the past, right? That's what I mean by "you know too much to ever go back."
    The injury---Oh Jack, be careful. I often criticise myself for not pushing hard enough out there when working out, but getting an injury that puts me down is a big fear of mine---so I take it slow and steady. And it works, I'm winning this deal. And so are you.
    Get to feeling better my friend. You are an ACE. Seriously.
    And oh by the way...I love the Southern accent. Love it, it's you. And you're incredible.

    My best always

  19. I just love a twang, don't get it fixed! And I am already a stumbleupon addict...yes, it will eat up your life!

    Take care of your injury before you start working out hard again.

  20. rarr! how annoying huh? we can't all have great weeks though, you didn't think this was going to be easy did you?!! ;-)

    you're eating more because you're bored and not exercising... it's funny how being active is linked to eating properly as exercising makes you aware of your body, when you're doing positive things you want to eat to suit!

    are you getting physio for your back? if not at the very least get yourself a sports massage... you'll be back on track before no time... this post is evidence of that :-)

  21. Love the blog bro! Check mine out also for some fitness info. I'm following yours now... look forward to checking out your upcoming posts!

  22. That sucks that you weren't able to exercise much this week. Just go at it next and you'll be fine. :)

  23. Sorry to hear about the back Jack. I know that very soon you'll be on track!

  24. Sorry to hear you're hurting. Hope the healing moves quickly enough for you.
    Take care of yourself!

  25. It all ties together like that for me too, now I am back on the exercise, the eating has fallen into place.

    Loved the intervire =)

  26. intervire = interview (blame typing in the dark with teething twins)

  27. You gotta watch out for those rubber bands (they wear out ya know).
    Hey, how old are you Jack (or does Mr Sh*t wish to remain ageless?)

  28. I'm forty-something, Lila (not that I wouldn't like to remain ageless).

  29. Sorry about the back and the gain. Hope you can get back to sweating real soon.

    And what the hell is wrong with a southern twang?! I got one myself and have lived just fine with it. ;)

  30. yeah, I eat more when not exercising...I think teh exercise releases some sort of feel good about myself/do good for my self hormone that causes me to eat on track and within my calorie budget...but when not is like boredom hits and I need to do why not eat...dang, better go for a run now!

  31. I guess now would be a good time to tell you, I was lying about the pickles.

    I'd thumb you up, but then you'd get listed on my Stumbleupon favorites, and someone might read you and see my comment and find my secret undercover fatty blog. NO GO SIR.

  32. get better soon bud, another enjoyable blog post.

  33. I just pushed myself today with a six mile walk. Maybe not the most sensible thing, but at least these things show we are serious.

    If you had to gain I hope you at least enjoyed some oreo cookies!

    And don't forget that 2 miles and hour is considered a run at Foolsfitness!-Alan

  34. Win some, lose some--the scale is just a number. I hope your back is better now--ouch! Maybe I can learn a lesson from your gain: get off my butt an move. hmmm

  35. Dude, pulled muscle...a little idle time...It's expected to have a little water retention with a muscle pull. Good luck on the mend.

  36. I hope you feel better. An injury like that is no joke!!

    I did notice an accent. Are you from Northern or Southern Italy?

  37. when you exercise you feel like your doing something, when you don't it boils down to what your NOT doing, which I personally find demotivating. sure you'll be back on track monday.

  38. I find the same thing - when I exercise, I'm less hungry. When I skip the gym, I could eat the table underneath my plate.

    What does Time magazine know anyway?

  39. I have a Southern cure.

  40. Hoping for a better week ahead!

  41. I'm sure this was just to show you're not completely perfect!
    I'm also sure you'll burn that 1.5 pounds plus more next week.

  42. I enjoyed hearing your southern twang *smile*. Sorry about the gain I'm sure you'll whip it off next week.

  43. I think the higher appetite thing happens to me, I think it's called boredom. Not working out gives you more time to munch, or to think about munching. Sorry about the injury. totally blows.

  44. finally listening right now.'re a real person!!??

    love that you're real name is "sh*t" :) :)



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