Friday, April 22, 2011

More Weight-Loss Songs for Kids

• A Spoonful Of Stevia


• Carb-ella De Vil 

• Eensy Weensy Dieter 

• I've Been Working On My Waistline

Jack Jacob Jingleblogger Schm*dt

Mary Had A Little Lapband 

• My Fannie Lies Over My Waistband

Never Smile When You Run a Mile

• Oh Where, Oh Where Has My Beer Belly Gone?

Old MacDonald Had A Personal Trainer

Pop Goes The Weigh-in

• Puffy The Magic Draggin’ Ass

Row, Row, Row Your Biceps 

• Sing A Song Of Six Points


Jimmy Crack Corn Syrup

• Do You Have a Muffin Top?

• There's A Hole In The Bottom Of My Pants 

• This Little Light Beer Of Mine 

• Whistle While You Work Out

• Who's Afraid Of The Big Bad Butt? 

• Zipper-Dee-Oooh-Ahhh!


  1. now THIS I love.
    please to google JUSTIN ROBERTS (I went to school with him) and have him sing/record these songs for the healthy living blogger community.

  2. Old Mac Donald had a Fat Farm!
    Great list!

  3. Just shared on my Facebook page because I SUPER love it. Nice work!

  4. Hysterical! Now you just need lyrics ;)

  5. When does the CD hit the market?



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