Sunday, April 10, 2011

It’s My Way or the High Weigh

Weekly weigh-in: 226.0
Loss: +0.3
Total loss: -65.9

Emotion: Rebooting

So I get an email the other day and it’s somebody heapin’ lots of love on my blog, which never ceases to make my day. However, it’s wasn’t my hee-larious jokes or sparkling wit that impressed my admirer.

It was that awe-inspiring list of weigh-ins over on the side of my blog.

The one I haven’t updated in forever.

The one that, frankly, I’d all but forgotten about.

Shame on me.

Anyway, it made me reacquaint myself with my own past accomplishments, and I have to tell you that the experience stirred something inside me.

I studied it more closely, marveling at what I was able to accomplish, week after week after mother-freakin’ week.

It was a pretty non-active week as I tried to heal up from a pinched nerve in my back. I’m about 87 and a half percent back to normal strength and will get back to my sweat-tastic workouts this week.

More importantly, I’m going to start giving my weight-loss tracking on this blog the attention it deserves.


  1. You know, it's your comment that fuels me - the one about my scale being a whore, er, I mean the one about just having one good day, and then another good day, and so on down the line until you have strung a bunch of them together.
    Hopefully tomorrow my scale won't be quite so whoreish.

  2. It is pretty amazing from week to week. I think it's a great idea to focus in on it a little more. I'm doing the same.

  3. I am amazed at you! You do rock! I am getting myself back on track, too. (Again!)

  4. Glad that the pinched nerve is healing up. That's a pretty painful situation to be in!

    Your weigh ins on the side are something that I have looked at over and over. Every week you'd post a loss and you lost weight so fast. It inspired me (and frustrated me because I couldn't seem to do the same!).

    Time to rock that scale again. :) Or shoot it.

  5. I remember really paying attention to that list of weigh ins when I first found this blog too. It's a very inspiring thing. I think you should have gone with a +24.7 to keep the continuity going though, or maybe you could look back over the weigh ins from the blog and bring it back up to date a bit that way.

  6. Glad you are almost back to 100% with your back!

    Let the sweating recommence!

  7. Sweat on, brother! Those little setbacks like pinched nerves can really throw us off course. Good for you not letting it get you down!

  8. I love how honest you are, if you gained weight, you put that down. No excuses, just the facts. You do inspire a lot of people!

  9. Well it does give you something right in the face to look at. You don't have to go hunting, the ups and downs are right over there ------->

    Visible proof of the good, the bad, the ugly, and the great!

  10. Jack, I know that laundry lists of food inhaled are dull, but no one ever finds lists of weigh-ins dull.

    I am back to recording mine again too, as of last week. "Coincidentally" as soon as I start recording my weight losses and gains again, I showed a great loss...(1.4kg or 3.08lb)

  11. I too will be watching for the up-dates. There's no getting off this hook now.


  12. jack, you're so awesome that if i was a guy and gay, you'd give me a woody. (btw, that's a compliment).

    smooches - k

  13. Back pain is no fun, and the only thing to do is let it heal.

    But you're right--it's about the weight, and making progress, and keeping going. Good luck!



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