Sunday, April 17, 2011

Back on the Change Gang

Weekly weigh-in: 225.5
Loss: -0.5
Total loss: -66.4

Emotion: Steel-willed

One of the lessons I’ve learned on this journey is that anything you do often enough becomes a habit.

Habits that remain in place get stronger and stronger.

It’s a thread that becomes a string that becomes a chain.

There was a time when my life was shackled by bad choices, bad decisions, bad habits.

I broke free and found a better way to live my life. I started eating less, eating better, exercising more.

Each day that I stayed on my path, it got a little easier, a little more ingrained.

What I was doing was becoming habit.

A thread becoming a string becoming a chain.

Lately I seem to have been struggling against the chains I’ve built up for myself. Teasing them, testing them.

Make no mistake, I don’t have any plans to undo what I have worked so hard to accomplish. I know how quickly and completely things can unravel.

So each week I will step on that scale.

Each week I will update that list on the side of this blog.

Each week is a link in a chain that connects me from the person I was to the new life I have forged for myself.

And you are all a part of my chain gang.


  1. That's something we need to be reminded about!

  2. Great post Jack, you are an inspiration...

  3. Love this post. Ive been testing my chain too here lately...thanks for a reminding me that it gets easier with every passing day.

  4. The stronger the chain, the harder it is to break.

    Good job on the loss this week!

  5. Jack Sh*t is BACK!! Woohoooo!!! Keep at it, we are all here cheering you on!!

  6. Jack, thanks for your honesty! I knew you had been struggling, but didn't realize to what extent until I looked at the "list on the side" and saw your gain. While I feel for you, I am grateful that you are out there with your gain AND your losses and continue to be a role model to all of us in the battle. I refuse to give up and you are one of my pillars. Hang in there. We can do this together.

  7. Keep building the strong chain Jack - don't go back! You are & can do it!

  8. awesome post....I love love love the feeling of having that huge strong chain. Its kind of hard to describe, but you're right its kind of like forged link by link and its wonderful. Im working on building my chain back up where exercise is concerned too. Glad to see the loss this week and the description of your mood as Steel-willed! Keep rockin it!

  9. How'd you get turned around? I seem to keep falling down and gaining. :/

  10. I think you have more than a chain you have a whole lotta WIDTH pushing you along!

  11. "It’s a thread that becomes a string that becomes a chain." I really liked this and totally needed this post. I don't know where I am exactly, or if it's good or bad. It's just my journey...

  12. That's how I gained back the weight I lost several years back... "testing" habits... I started sliding back into that downward spiral.

  13. LOVE being a part of the Chain Gang!! Thank you, Jack!

  14. Good job jack! back down you go! I still have that annie oakley figure you sent me aeons ago. I keep her next to my art desk. Keep up- the good are a part of my chain of success as well.

  15. **squints to see if her comment 'took'**

  16. Just do it Jack. Don't analyze too much.



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