Sunday, April 3, 2011

A Down Weigh-In (Oh Wait... Not THAT Kind of "Down")

Some days, I am just full of awesome.

I wake up with a spring in my step and a powerful sense of pride and purpose about the course I am on.

I work out with vigor and verve, pushing myself to the point where I’m a sweaty mess.

I eat mindfully and meticulously, and I know that I’m on the road to better days and a brighter future.

That was the way this week started… but I somehow farked my back up again late in the week. I’ve (temporarily) lost my mobility and lost my drive.

My workouts went pfffffft, and when my workouts go pfffffft, it’s hard for me to hold my eating together.

I swear I’m gonna get this ship righted, gonna get this train moving again, gonna get this show on the road.

But it won’t be this week…

I had a mind to skip out on my weigh-in this week, because I wanted to get rid of those out-of-town pounds before slapping numbers up on here again…

But that kind of defeats the purpose of this thing, huh? I mean, it’s okay to be Jokin’ Jack Flash five or six days out of the week, but there needs to be (at least) one day a week where I take a hard, honest look at my progress (or lack thereof).


Weekly weigh-in: 225.7

Loss: +3.9

Total loss: -66.2

Emotion: Bent but not broken


  1. happens to the best of us.. and being the word person that you are.. I want to see an honest, SUNDAY, WIDTH from you....and for YOU not all of us... we ALL know and appreciate why you do this here...for us... But I want to see the reminder of why you do this here for JACK.. no shit!

  2. Bent but not broken. I like that! You can do this. I go through the same phases. Next week we can both post our success!

  3. Thanks for your honesty. I have not been so brae and have been runnin' from the scale... :(

  4. Gain or loss, you're still an inspiration. :) Thanks for posting!

  5. Yes, Jack, we have to face it, right. I am curious if you can place why you "fall back" when you do & if there is a way to understand that & then fight back before it ends up with a gain like this. Were you already allowing a treat or 2 each week... notice I did not say a day or two! ;-)

    Just curious if you can put strategies together to avoid this.

  6. What weight are you trying to get back to Jack? Is it 200 or so? 25 lbs is nuthin''ll get it back off in no time when the back straightens out. And good for you for posting the #'s. I love the dedication. :)

  7. Hope the back is ready for next week!

  8. I am with Jules. This is for you.

  9. No biggie, Jack. This is life, the way it goes. Good for you hopping on the scale -- and really, its not so bad. You look good at 225 and I'm sure you are plenty healthy! But there's always tomorrow....

  10. Keep your head up Jack! No journey comes without struggles. The rollercoaster of life must head downhill at some points and those slopes may be long and tedious. In the end, you cone out stronger and smarter (and for you, with a plethora of funny stories to tell). These times are just what make us who we are, and we all love you as you are!

  11. Awww, so sorry, Jack. It gets scarey when, despite best of intentions, the track shifts out from under our feet. I know.

    But here's what else I know--You are going to become sure-footed again and thunder right down that track to goal. Yes, you are.


  12. Chin up Jack, I dare you to have a loss this time next week....

  13. You know what to do Jack. This will be a better week I'm sure.

  14. I think most of us get bent once in a while LOL!! Im late in wishing you a better week this week, but the sentiment is there all the same!! You can do it, and here's hoping your back feels much much better today!

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  17. I like it when you're real, Jack. Thank you!.



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