Saturday, July 4, 2009

Weight Loss Tattoos

  • Born to Binge
  • Lard Have Mercy
  • Sore Loser
  • Carpe Diet
  • It’s all Good in the Food
  • Yes, I Would Like Fries With That
  • Scale-Bent on Success
  • Weight-Loss Warrior
  • Let ‘Em Eat Rice Cakes
  • Do or Diet
  • Mexican Food Mafia
  • GMME SOME (knuckle tattoo)
  • Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me, Only Makes Me Hungrier
  • 8 2 Much
  • Kalorie Killa
  • I’m Bloggin’ As Fast As I Can
  • There is No Fork
  • Been There, Chewed That
  • Ass-y & Sassy
  • The Original Hungry, Hungry Hippo
  • Loaded with Phat
  • Gastric Gangsta
  • Fuggetdabutta
  • Point-Countin’ Possee
  • Cauliflower Dreamin’
  • I Know Jack Sh*t!

If none of those inspire you to go get your ink on, maybe you should consider a simple licorice barb-wire armband or the ever-classy Swashti-kabob. Remember it’s not about feeding yourself; it’s about finding yourself.


  1. lol...Lard Have Mercy, love it! I like the cracker barrel tat, too.

    Happy 4th.

  2. Ok.. now you've got me considering an Ass-y and Sassy tatoo. LOL

  3. I actually saw a license plate that said 8 2 Much! Wish I'd had my phone with me at the time so I could have taken a picture :)

  4. LMAO I looooove, "Yes I would like Fries with that." Sooo me! You are AWESOME!!!!!

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. Ass-y Sassy and Gassy! Have a great 4th with your family Jack! Thanks for daily dose of laughter!

  7. I sort of like the idea of a tattoo that says it's not about feeding yourself, it's about finding yourself. Maybe if I got that plastered across my belly it would shrivel away into wrinkles so that I'd have to search for and unveil the original message.

    (Thanks for your note. You matter.)

  8. I was thinking of getting a tattoo when I reached my goal weight. I was thinking of getting a memorial tattoo for my mom. I have been thinking about getting one for 30 years.

    My main problem is, I can't decide what to get. And now you add to the list :) Guess I'll have to think some more :D

  9. I was having a hard time with this one:

    Forget the butter!! Whew...I am ashamed of where my mind first went.

  10. Oh, definitely getting the Gimme Some knuckle tattoo. XD

  11. I'm getting mine to say "I knew Jack Sh*t Before You."

    Seriously...never really wanted on, but if I do, I'm consulting this list!

    Very nice!


  12. Let's all post a pic of our "tats" and see who belongs to whom!

  13. Those are pretty good! Thanks for sharing.

  14. I too, am thinking about getting a tattoo when I reach my final goals. My personal favorite, 8 2 much, it took me a couple minutes to get it hahahaha.

    Also Jack, thanks for the support. If I lose the weight and meet the goal next week, can I get my name in a poem? Haha, talk about extra motivation.

  15. lol. I would have chosen GMME SOME on the ye old knuckles there. 'Cause I'm hardcore.

  16. "Lard" have mercy! I thing 8 2 MUCH would be a great license plate, actually. Hmmmm.

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