Sunday, July 5, 2009

A Dud

Weekly weigh-in: 245.2
Loss: 0.7 lbs
Total loss: 46.3 lbs.
Emotion: Holi-dazed

I was tracking for another rock-solid week, even though I had to navigate a holiday office cookout and a minefield of a Fourth of July weekend.

I got through the holiday weekend without a real setback, and guess I should be happy with any kind of loss considering how badly it could have gone. I’m making strides, but it still feels like hard d*mn work on a week like this.

Looking down the road, I foresee a day when I can enjoy a holiday week without stressing about food. When food’s just a part of the fun, not the fun itself. When having a cold beer doesn’t necessarily lead to having a dozen beers. When an 4th of July outing doesn’t require a week of planning and an elaborate battle plan.

The lesson that I most need to learn: fireworks are fun, but if you shoot ‘em off every night, they’d get old pretty fast.


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  3. Actually, I'm not concerned with the .7 because I think I'll catch up next week. The "dud" part in my mind is how hard it is not to let old mindsets and habits take hold of you.

    But thanks for setting my sh*t straight, Karen.

  4. I second Karen's .7 is a good result for a week with a holiday! But I too wish it didnt take a week of planning to survive one day.

  5. Congrats on your .7.

    "The lesson that I most need to learn: fireworks are fun, but if you shoot ‘em off every night, they’d get old pretty fast."

    I love this. How true it is. I hope to one day get to where food is a part of it all, too, not the celebration.

  6. Well ain't Karen just a little firecracker today..nyuk, nyuk, nyuk. :-)

  7. Way to go on making it through the holiday with a lose. I'm hoping to do the same this week.

  8. I hear what you're saying that such things need so much frickin' planning... i hope to take holidays and such in my stride and not over worry.

    Its felt like a hard week for me too.
    *quits spilling guts*

  9. Congrats on the loss! I'll be glad too when fun trumps food!

  10. I bet after a dozen beers, you go into lampshade mode.

  11. lol your blog is hilarious. Yes, fireworks get old. One day a year is enough for me.

  12. What's this? A semi serious post? No rhymes or knock knock jokes? You feeling okay?

    Please to tell my behind me neighbors the line about fireworks not being fun if you shoot them off every night. My dog is about to piss herself.

  13. Your continual progression on your weight loss chart is so impressive. Don't let worrying about next week's weigh in get you off track. . . it's not a done deal.

    Also. . . doesn't shooting off fireworks every night mean someone is more likely to lose a finger or an eye.. . ? That's what I hear my dad's voice saying. . . he only let us use sparklers! Maybe the moral should just be: shooting off fireworks every night increases your chances of getting hurt! (maimed?)

  14. What's with the hatin' on fireworks?

    Two years ago, I took my youngest to the fireworks stand just across the state line. I emptied my wallet and told her to go crazy (because that's the kind of awesome dad I am). Armed with about $70 bucks, I expected her to come out with 10,000 bottlerockets and a few dozen smoke bombs. She walked around for a bit, then settled on ONE firework: THUNDERDOME ($64.99). It was freakin' awesome!!!!

    I love that kid.

  15. All my fireworks fell in the lake once when I was a kid. But I was so happy to just watch everyone else's! (Strange little kid.)

  16. Jack,
    you're awesome man. You know you got this. I do understand what you're saying. Trust me, it's a learning process...But soon it will be second nature to just enjoy being you with the good choices coming naturally as you live.

    We're living!!

    Nice THUNDERDOME!! We picked up twelve bucks worth...we still have eight bucks worth in the bag. My girls never really got into buying them, they love watching them at big displays. But I insisted we go out and light some for the experience! After five minutes they were ready to leave.

    My best

  17. Not a bad weight loss and I know what you mean about the holiday thing being so difficult and stress-inducing.

    The longer we are on the journey, the easier it gets though, so try not to worry too much (I know, easier said than done).

    Heck, it would be easy not to get out and socialise, but that is not normal or healthy - losing a lot of weight (and then keeping it off) is a long process and there is no way we could persevere if we didn't have some FUN on the way.

    Did you mention beer, BTW? oh sweet nectar that is also my downfall (sigh)..

  18. fireworks are illegal in NJ, so i got to hear a week of crappy pop noises that didnt end till 3 am. not like the real thing.

    as for "fireworks are fun, but if you shoot ‘em off every night, they’d get old pretty fast," you and me both man. tough lesson, but im thinking it will come in time.

  19. A loss is a loss dude! Don't sweat the small weeks. It is when that scale goes up that you need to re-evaluate.

    BTW, I totally understand your last thoughts on fireworks. Especially with three boys in the house who love to shoot them off.



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