Thursday, July 30, 2009

Ways Losing Weight is Like Disney World

Summer’s winding down, and folks are getting in those last vacations before the back-to-school grind kicks in. Truthfully, I’ve never, ever been to Disney World (I convinced my children it was a myth), but I’ve heard so many people talk about going that I think I’ve got a pretty good idea of what it’s all about. From what I gather, going there is a lot like a successful weight loss journey…
  • You find yourself among an odd assortment of characters
  • It will absolutely wear you out
  • You know you’re gonna wind up on a rollercoaster
  • There’s a big crowd of people all in the same place as you
  • You’ll often find yourself stuck in one place and not moving at all
  • You should take a lot of photos to remind you of your trip
  • It’s a great thing to do for your kids
  • A solid plan will make the journey more successful
  • It’s something the whole family can do
  • It’ll make you feel young again
  • Some folks have to come back over and over
  • Insert your own “It’s a Small World” joke here
  • There’s something magical about it
  • When you tell people what you’re doing, everybody’s got advice for you
  • Eating what you want will cost you plenty
  • You’re excited to get started, but you’re even happier when it’s over


  1. OK this post is totally "Goofy." But as usual the hidden meanings of a Jack Sh*t post are anything but Mickey Mouse.

  2. Rollercoaster? Space Mountain is more like my experience to getting to "a small world".

  3. lol true, all true!

    Great post!

  4. I prefer weight loss to Disney World!

  5. Love this list- My favorite yet because I was agreeing with every single one

  6. I just smiled and smiled at this post Jack because Disney World and weight lose for me have been connected together since the beginning. Maybe a Disney reward needs to be in your future too *smile*.

  7. cute. :) I keep thinking of Neverneverland... sometimes I think i'll never get there.

  8. For someone who's never been to Disneyworld, this post is awesome! Good coorelation Jack...and you should break down and check it out at least once. It is magical! :)

  9. I'm sure there's something about sticky fingers and vomit, too. And children crying.


  10. Holy cow, this is great! I've never been to Disney (no kids!), but my sister has. As I read your list, I thought of all the things she told me about it. I was cracking up!

    But need to add something about crying due to frustration of being "stuck" waiting in line in order to move forward. LOL!

  11. Thanks for the comment on my post Jack! I cant wait to "see" the rewards of my labors! I love your post. You have an excellent sense of humor. I myself have never been to Disney either, so this "trip" should be fun! As for your earlier post.....I have finally realized (and admitted to myself) that I am not "born to be wide"! Thanks for the encouragement! Your doing an awesome job yourself!

  12. Brilliant. And welcome.

    You need to rework some of those goals -- I'm worried for your dogs.

  13. So true!

    And... going to Disney World is one of the things I want to do when I reach my goal weight. Right now... I am too fat to fit on the majority of the rides!

    So... when I lose this weight... where am I going??? I'm going to Disney World! :)

  14. I live near Disneyland & I agree with all PLUS it will drive you crazy, you will feel overwhelmed by the craziness, the relatives will always be there asking for more & putting their 2 cents in and oh, yes, I so agree with you will be even happier when it is over!

  15. That Haunted Mansion for sure took over all my mirrors. Dang ghosts!

  16. Jack, I'm printing this and putting it on the fridge. Absolutely inspired. You have a unique insight. You're right. You never need to go there.

  17. I just wrote a post in your honor - I hope you like it! It came to me as I was driving home tonight! It's a song!

  18. Two things, Anne: (1) I'm deeply honored and (2) seek professional help.

  19. So are you following your own "successful weight loss journey" and taking lots of photos of the "trip?" I know I should. It's just...... eeeeeeeeeeeh. Who has the time? lol

  20. When are we going to see those pictures, then, huh, huh?

    I still think you are a spinster librarian from a small suburban town with lots of cats...

  21. Maybe Disney should start a weight loss program! They could call it the Disney Diet. Somehow, I think it would involve dressing up as a cartoon character...(that has to be a workout in and of itself!) lol!!

  22. OMG - This is THE MOST AWESOME post - its so true! Having been to Disney World more times than I can even care to mention, to the point where I don't ever want to go again, which, ironically, ALSO applies to losing weight for me!

    (And BTW, I glanced at your newer post and totally agree about blog comments - they do make your day ; ) )



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