Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Today is Wins-Day

I will celebrate the fact that I’ve pushed
myself this week, making good choices and
slinging off sweat in a determined fashion.

My celebration will be a simple one… perhaps
just a nod in the mirror or a self-congratulatory
pat on my own back. After all, there is still
so much work to be done.

But every day I make myself
stronger is another win, and the wins
are piling up, my friend.

The wins are piling up.



  1. as my people say: mazel tov :-)

  2. Wins Day indeed! I love your point of view!

  3. The trick is to make every day Wins-Day :)

  4. Today is Wins Day, tomorrow is Thins Day. Sorry, that's as far as I got. I'll work on it.

  5. What has happened to the Daily Scaley?!

  6. Jack Sh*t #winning ! Great job this week my friend :)

  7. Not to get preachy, Jack, but I hope you don't hold off on the celebrations! What we focus on grows and I've found that I get better results when I don't "wait until..." to give myself a great, healthy celebration!

    Thanks for the post today.



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