Friday, August 17, 2012

Space Bloggity

Weight Control to Major Jack. 

Weight Control to Major Jack. 

Take your protein pills and put that donut down.

(Ten) Weight Control (Nine) to Major Jack (Eight) 

(Seven, six) Commencing countdown (Five), welcome back (Four) 

(Three, two) Check your appetite (One) and may the scale (Blastoff) be kind to you...

This is Weight Control to Major Jack,
You really have been slack.

And your viewers want to know what size shirt you wear.

Now it’s time to lose some more weight if you dare…

This is Major Jack to Weight Control,
I’m exercising more,

But I just endured a most peculiar weigh…

I gained one and three-quarters of a pound today. 

Am I sitting at a plateau,
Far above goal weight.
Everything tastes great and there’s nothing I ain’t ate.

Though I still have so many pounds to go, 

I’m feeling a nice glow.
And I think my spaceship’s finally going down.

Tell my wife I love her, and that I lost a pound.

Weight Control to Major Jack,
You’re in a groove, you’re back on track.

You can do it, Major Jack.
You can do it, Major Jack.
You can do it, Major Jack.
You can… 

Here am I standing on the damn scale.
Far above goal weight.
Fat is not my fate, and today I’m feeling great.



  1. tee hee hee hee- first chuckle of the day

  2. Big smile face on that .0 :) Happy weekend!~

  3. Well, right there with you Jack. I lost 112 lbs a few years back and here recently gained 27lbs. Keep going, you'll get there.

  4. Thank you Jack! I'm on track today too.

    I'm being patient with myself today also. One thing I've found about having patience is that I never have to look back and say, "Gosh, I sure with I'd had more patience..."

  5. You got the daily scaley doing what it needs to do; most excellent! I told you more sex would get you results, but no need to thank me.



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