Thursday, August 16, 2012

More Tips for a Healthy Workplace

• Instead of sitting down while taking the elevator, try standing the entire time.

• Install a cubicle trampoline.

• Instead of going out to lunch, try not going out to lunch.

• Do your workout yourself instead of having your personal assistant do it for you.

• Find yourself sitting behind a desk all day? Try attaching your computer monitor to the back of an intern and have him walk around the office briskly.

• Boost your circulation by doing circulation-boosting things.

• Refrain from keeping a bowl of chocolate cupcakes on your desk.

• Try my lunchathon (combines lunch with a marathon).


Eating a lil less, exercising a lil more...
y'know, it's just crazy enough to work!


  1. It is hard work for sure!!! I eat less now due to age & hormones & work out just as hard - what is with that! ;-) Doing great Jack!

  2. I have 16 steps that I have to walk up to get to my office. I drink a lot of water....I go up and down these stairs at least 20+ times a day. You should have "Drink a lot of water" on your list, lol!!

  3. The scale is your b*tch lately! Awesome loss-um. (sorry, that was aweful)

  4. Hello, my name is Fernanda and I just started writing my own blog about my journey to weight loss. I would love to ask for some support as I am knew to this =) Thanks
    By the way I love reading your posts they are always so much fun =)

  5. Great post as always Jack. I love the personal assistant one - I wish that would really work though. Great loss on the scale!

  6. ooh see? I DO DO DO have a tramp in my cube!!
    (((you make funny joke here)))



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