Friday, August 24, 2012

Much More Than a Hunch...

Here’s the story
Of a man named Sh*tty.
Who was trying
To lose a buncha weight.
All of it was
Sticking to him.
It made him quite irate.

Here’s the story
Of a fitter fellow

Who was doing better
with his weight loss plans.
Now very rarely does he
Eat chocolate frosting,
Spooned right outta the can.

Now ol’ Sh*tty
Is a more happy fellow.
And he knows the right things he oughta munch

Now he’s become part
Of a bigger family.

That’s the way he came to join the Healthy Bunch.

The Healthy Bunch.

That’s the way he came to join the Healthy Bunch.

Yuck! How much does snot weigh?


  1. Oh, sorry about your excess snot disease! Snot fun. Sorry, snot funny!

  2. Feel better! Keep up the good work! It WILL pay off!

  3. Hey Jack, get better for Fitbloggin' 2012.

    I'm always so impressed at how creative you are.

    Thanks for making us smile again.



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