Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Weight Loss Jingles


You worked too hard.

You ate too much.

The cheesecake’s made you flabby.

Let your aching head and stomach
Hear this message from old Jacky.


Pump, pump.
Fizz fizz.
I’m a hard-working workout whiz.

Pump, pump,


Oh, what a relief it is!

Gimme a Break!
Gimme a break,

Gimme a break,

Break my finger if I try to eat a Kit Kat bar.

On the Label, Label, Label
If it says cornsyrup, cornsyrup, cornsyrup,

On the label, label, label.

You should avoid it, avoid it, avoid it.

If you’re able, able, able.

Health It Our Way
Hold the mayo, eat more lettuce.

Fast food restaurants sure don’t get us.

All we ask is that you let us

Health it our way..
Health it our way!

Dr. Blogger
I’m a blogger, he’s a blogger, she’s a blogger.

We’re a blogger, wouldn’t you like to be a blogger, too?

I’m a blogger he’s a blogger’ she’s a blogger 

We’re a blogger, wouldn’t you like to be a blogger, too?

I said I need a scale technician to come out RIGHT AWAY!


  1. PIc of you & caption cracked me up! :-)

  2. I like the Dr. Blogger. My scale technician never seems to show up, my scale can't be right :-)

  3. I bet the tape measure might have more accurate readings, and you never need a technician for the tape measure!

  4. entertaining. I am inspired just looking at your transformation picture at the sidebar. Would like to know your weight loss secret. following u to read more.

  5. The Kit Kat one made me laugh out loud. Dang I love those things.

  6. Hot jogs, I love hot jogs.

    The jogs I love don't bite!

    Thanks, Jack!



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