Wednesday, August 15, 2012

This or That? - A "Snack with Jack" Exclusive

It's mid-afternoon, and you're hungry. But you don't know what would be a good healthy snack.

It's maddening! There are so many conflicting reports out there about what's healthy and what's not. If only there was one resource you could trust to provide all the information you need...

Wait... who has two thumbs and knows every single thing about healthy snacking?

This guy!

Today on "Snack with Jack... This or That?" I'll run a comparison between two snacking options. Number one, the nectarine.

Number two: Kraft Jet-Puffed Piña Colado Pineapple-Flavored Marshmallow Mallow Bites.

Now the Mallow Bites take an early lead by providing "Fun things to try". I used to get the other kids in my neighborhood into a lot of trouble with my "Fun things to try" suggestions, but this is pretty tame stuff. For a tropical snack mix, you can combine Jet-Puffed Piña Colada Marshmallows with dried banana chips, dried cherries and almonds. Yummy! 

Now consider the nectarine, the peach's learning disabled cousin. Did you know that nectarines take their name from name from "nectar" - the food of the gods? I will admit, that snacking like a god appeals to the "wanting-to-be-considered-some-sort-of-god" part of me.

More fun marshmallow things to do: transform a yellow cake into a show stopper or add a tropical twist to your favorite fruit salad.

Nutritionally nectarines are somewhat similar to peaches. Like yellow-fleshed peaches, yellow-fleshed nectarines have more beta carotene, but both white and yellow-fleshed varieties are good sources of vitamin C and dietary fiber and contain some vitamin E. They're also a good source of potassium, providing balance to the sodium that comes into your diet from salted foods.

So far we have a dead heat. I've scoured the packaging and can't find any reason not to call this contest a draw. Oh wait...

I suppose I should check out the ingredients. Hmmmmm... where's the rum, cream of coconut, pineapple juice? And what happened to marshmallows being fat-free? This is a colada nonsense!

Juicy, delicious nectarines are low in calories (100 g just provide 44 calories) and contain no saturated fats. They are indeed packed with numerous health promoting anti-oxidants, plant nutrients, minerals and vitamins.

Okay, it was already leaning the nectarine's way, but here are the final nails in the colada-coffin: "Non-alcoholic" and you can only eat one at a time. One at a time? ONE AT A TIME? 

Sorry, but due to high-fat, bad ingredients and too-strict rules about how many you may eat at one time, this bag goes straight to the shredder.

Remember: "Don't eat a snack 'til you talk to Jack!"

Hey! The scale budged!


  1. (scampers to snag the shredded MALLOWS from underbeath the machine...)

  2. You are hilarious!!!!! Congrats on hanging in there & keeping at it!

  3. This post should be renamed "The Mallow Massacre"... their cries for pardon must have been very loud. Nothing a pair of ear plugs couldn't fix.

    The daily scaley goes south; excellent!

  4. I like this! All decisions should be broken down into a comic book style fight of good vs evil!!

  5. How dare they tell me how many to eat at time. Eff them. I'll stuff my face if I want to, hey I will even choke on them if I want to. Shoot, I'll show them, I'll eat the nectarine instead.: )

  6. What the what?? There are Pina Colada flavored marshmallows?? Good thing I didn't know that - or the whole "only eat one at a time" rule. Doh!

  7. I will eat many nectarines and become Jia!: Goddess of Awesome!

  8. Did you notice that of the first six ingredients the only two that aren't some form of sugar are the coconut and WATER. My teeth are rotting just reading the package. Let's hear it for the nectarine!

  9. Jack, there is no one else like you in the bloggersphere. Thank you for this awesome post. Lots of smiles. And we were all so proud that you made the "right" choice (for you) that time!

  10. I really, really love nectarines. Like, too much. HEY, what are you doing with a bag of marshmallows?! ;)



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