Sunday, August 12, 2012


We haven't been properly introduced...

My name is Jack, and I've been blogging just about every day for almost three-and-a-half years. If you stacked my blog posts on top of one another, they would reach 1/245,000,000th of the way to the moon!

When I began, I was tipping the scales at or around 300 pounds. Maybe you weigh a lot more than that and maybe you don't weigh anything near that, but for me that was the sh*t-your-pants mark. That's when I got nervous... and serious...

I proceeded to lose around 90 pounds, maintained for a year and then found myself doing something I call "gaintaining". I was still working out and trying to eat right, but I was slipping. I'm not where I want to be right now, but I haven't given up on myself.

I goof off on this site a lot because, let's face it: what's there to say? I mean, really? We know what we need to do. We will do it or we won't.

Some days I do it. Some days I don't.

But I'm still here.

And you are, too.

That's gotta count for something.

If you'd like, you can connect with me on Twitter or Facebook or just shoot me an email at I'm also on LinkedIn for some strange reason or other and post from time to time on Pinterest (though I seem to have gotten dispinterested recently). Note, my eHarmony profile has been deleted due to the fact that the heavy traffic it was generating kept crashing the site's servers. Finally, I'll be doing a little something-something at Fitbloggin' next month; if you're going, please don't come up to me and ask me to pay you back the money I borrowed; that makes you look so, so greedy.

After a post like this, you really think I'd have weighed 
myself today instead of throwing up another cute baby animal pic.


  1. Up or down the scale, you are an inspiration! Thanks for making weight loss and fun as possible. :)

  2. "as fun" not and.....I really shouldn't comment on blogs until I've had my coffee.

  3. Tip: do not show up to Fitbloggin with a bucket of sausages like last time.

    Have fun!

  4. Jack, the 'gaintsining', definitely a term I relate to; thanks for introducing me to the term, it adds perspective to where I've been much of the past 18 months.

    Baby animal pics, I don't relate to them well; that soft n cuddly look, not the look I'm going for.

    Seriously, I'm tired of 'gaintaining', I've run out of tolerance for not getting off the weight I know I have to lose. This past month, I've got the mojo rising & weight dropping again. I'm going to keep an eye open in hopes that the gaintainingasaurus doesn't catch me again.

    How about you; tired of petting your gaintainingasaurus ?



  6. "gaintaining" That's where I am too. Need to get back to losing.

  7. Gaintaining, I've done that SO well the last 3 years. I'm still here. ^_^

  8. I'm doing three days of carb loading for a glucose tolerance test (because I'm in a high risk category for diabetes, no symptoms thank goodness so hopefully I'm fine) and my husband is laughing at me because I'm forced to eat choc chip cookies. Why is it that the only time I DON'T want to eat a mountain of carbs is when a doctor tells me to do it? Maybe that should be my new strategy; instead of forbidding myself junk food I should tell myself it's compulsory, then I won't want it.

    But seriously, I am looking forward to getting back to trying to shed weight rather than put it on.

  9. Looking forward to seeing you again this year :) Maybe you'll actually get to hang out more than 5 mins with how popular you are :) As for gaintaining we've all been there at times. It is about staying in the game :)

  10. You are an inspiration to all! Taking control of your weight is not easy. It is a life long struggle for all of us. We're all still here....

  11. First of all, I'm sending you a psychic "pat on the back" for your awesome weight loss. As a newer reader, I wasn't aware of that - way to go, Jack!

    As to your comment about "we know what we need to do", I wholeheartedly agree.

    I'd like to add that most people with unwanted weight I've encountered greatly benefit from some new ways of thinking about what we need to do, though. That's not intended to sound smug or self-righteous. Just sayin' that there are new ways of framing what we need to do that are much more in-line with how the universe actually operates. That's all.

    I'm sure I speak for many folks when I say, I'm really glad you're posting. Your posts are a daily smile and encouragement for me.

  12. youre so very growed up miZter Jack.

  13. Keep the cute animal baby pics coming! They always make me smile.

  14. Think of it as catching your breath before you run through the firestorm! Slow and steady not only wins the race, but leads to far less hanging skin in the end. Now that's a mental picture!

  15. I love your blog Jack. You make me laugh. You have come a long way with your weight loss. Keep it up! You are an inspiration :)



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