Sunday, July 10, 2011

Wacky Weigh-in

Weekly weigh-in:  205.9 - 235.9
Loss: It's a mystery
Total loss: -Nobody knows
Emotion: Emotionless

So I hop on for my weekly weigh-in, and the scale shows a 20-lb. loss.

Go me!

I knew I’d been pretty good, but sometimes you just shock yourself.

So there I am, in mid-celebratory dance, when suddenly it dawns on me…

Sometimes the second time you weigh yourself, the number’s even lower.

So I take a deep breath and jump back on.

Uh oh! A 10-lb. gain.

Hmmmmm… that’s what you get for being greedy.

Three more tries gave me an 18-lb loss, a 14-lb gain and an upside-down row of 3’s.

Changing the batteries only made the inconsistent readings brighter and easier to read.

So apparently I need to keep working.

And buy a new scale.


  1. One good reason why I seldom weigh -
    And never use the scales as my judge of success!

  2. WTH! Is the the same scale you pounded?

  3. Oh I was gonna suggest a youtube video with a pile of left over fireworks rigged like the boys used to do when I was a girl...but from the comment above, you've been there done that?

  4. I have absolutely had days like that! Sometimes I think the scale has an evil being living in it with a sadistic sense of humour...and it's name is a@$hole.

  5. Ha that's crazy. My scale is about 11 years old. I'd like to get a new scale that does smaller increments than point 5s. But I'm afraid a scale will weight me different. =P

  6. That scale is screwing with your mind! Did you move it at all or put it on a different surface?

  7. My scale is ancient. But it weighs me at 2 pounds less than the doctor's scale. So I keep it. I want the 20 pound scale though!

  8. Do you go by the scale a lot? Someone just said to go by a measuring tape. What do you think?

  9. Hey, I woulda added all those losses and minused those gains and come up with an average loss! (Then gone and bought a new scale...just like you!)

    Part of the reasons I hate scales!



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