Thursday, July 14, 2011

"Cooking with Jack" - Cobbler Gobbler

Welcome to "Cooking with Jack," the cooking show that.... ummmm... shows cooking. 

I'm working with a little less space than usual due to the fact that my dishwasher is on the fritz. A few years ago, we purchased the fanciest, most expensive dishwasher available. It was whisper-quiet and, I believe, utilized some sort of alien technology. Not only did you not have to rinse dishes off before loading, you were encouraged to put more food on each plate before sticking it in. Clearly, this was a dishwasher with an attitude. Until it developed a problem with washing dishes. After over a dozen service calls and having every single part of the machine replaced, we finally pulled it out and unceremoniously banished it to the trash heap.

So, this year, we took the opposite approach. Buy the cheapest dishwasher on the market and hope that it lasts a couple of years. We almost made it, too, only missing it by 20 months...

So... I need a recipe that won't dirty up a bunch of dishes...

Hmmmm... maybe something with all these fresh blueberries I got at the farmer's market this morning. I know, I'll give you my wife Anita's fast-and-easy cobbler recipe!

Preheat oven to 350° (which, coincidentlly, is the same temperature it is outside where I am today).

Now, listen ya dirty rat. Ya take a sticka butta, see? Plop it in a cup and microwave til it melts, see?

I'm generally not one to brag, but I recently won a nationwide fatherhood competition...

Pour melted butter into an 11x7" pan; if you don't have an 11x7" pan, you can use a 7x11" pan.

Now in a smaller bowl, mix together one cup of flour (I'm using a mix of white and whole wheat)... cup of sugar...

...and one and a half teaspoons of baking powder. Wait... I always get table spooons and teaspoons mixed up.

As well as one cup of milk.

Once you mix it up together, it should look... well, it should look pretty horrible.

Just dump the ugly mess right on top of the melted butter. No need to stir it up. Trust me.

Now add a cup (or more) of fresh fruit. You know what I always say... "The more, the berrier!"

Sprinkle the top with cinnamon. In the book of Exodus, God instructs Moses to make a holy anointing oil out of cinnamon, cassia, olive oil, myrrh, and hemp. (Exodus 30: 22-33). I don't like to second-guess God, but I think this cobbler would have been a better option for the cinnamon...

Cook at 45° for 350 minutes (wait... reverse that). Serve warm topped with scoop of ice cream to take your mouth to its Happy Place.

Next on "Cooking with Jack":
I haven't decided yet... either Cooking Dog or Cooking with Dogs.


  1. Sucks about the dishwasher. We had a family of mice kill my super fancy expensive oven. I feel your pain... and I'm STILL waiting on the S'mores Casserole recipe!

  2. Hi Jack! I stumbled across you blog the other day and just love your sense of humor!!! Thanks for the recipe too.

  3. Suckitude on the dishwasher, but that yummy cobbler will definitely make everything better.

  4. YUM! Is that on your losing food plan? ;-) Man, I love cobbler!

  5. One Shekel's worth, please!

    Is that the dog that was destined for
    you-know-what... to the Brazilian You-Know-Who?

  6. Love the photos. Also, you're not helping with my desire to get a new dishwasher. ;-)

  7. My favorite, er, segment on your blog. Kudos again.

    Vee at

  8. Jack knows how to bake? thats a little worrisome... no wonder the dishwasher hasnt lasted!

  9. I also looooooooooove your "Cooking with Jack" segments. CONGRATS on your world class recognition as #1 Dad! I have the tablespoons and teaspoons mystery figured out but... to this day baking powder and baking soda are confusing to me! How is this yummy recipe in any way diet friendly? I'd eat this whole thing and then the quart of ice cream after!

    Thanks for the best post since your last post!



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