Sunday, January 9, 2011

Making Waves

Weekly weigh-in: 217.1
Loss: -.8
Total loss: -74.8
Emotion: Resolutiony

When I was a little kid, there was a game I liked to play when my family went down to the beach. It involved me “fighting” against the waves pounding against the surf.

“Is that all you got?” I’d holler as a wave came crashing down across my chest, pushing me back several feet. “Is that all you…”

About that time, a huge swell would plaster me, driving me down against the ocean floor.

“Id thab oll chu gob?” I’d say, sand dripping out of my mouth and bright lights twinkling under my eyelids.

Needless to say, it wasn’t a fair fight, and that’s kinda how I feel about the holiday season.

Not. A. Fair. Fight.

Cookies everywhere you turn. Seasonal coffees with gingerbread and eggnog and peppermint. Parties at the office. Parties at home. Parties in my car on the way to other parties.

I went into the season with every good intention and staggered into the new year a beaten-down man.

Beaten-down, but not beaten.

Because just as the holiday brings it’s torture chamber of tempting treats, January is always there with resolutions and renewed spirit.

I haven’t posted a weigh-in in a couple of weeks, and I can promise you that the numbers weren’t pretty. But this week I was back in the gym with determination and gusto. More importantly, I’ve whittled off some of the bad habits that seem to have clamped back on at the end of the year.

I’ve got my focus, and I’ve got my plan.

This isn’t gonna be a fair fight.

2011… you better get some more guys.



  1. go get'em Jack! you may be small but your fiesty!!

  2. I went into the holiday season thinking I could lose (or at least maintain), and I guess in a way I did.
    I might have been up 4 lbs the day after New Years, but I hit the workouts HARD this week and ate great.
    Seven days later I'm down 6 lbs, Net Loss -2 :D

  3. we may have lost the Christmas battle but we will win the War on Flab eh :)

  4. Let's get this party started!
    (And not the party in our mouths.)

  5. well the holidays are over time to buckle down and get back on track :) Good job on the loss this week and for realizing its time to :)

  6. "Parties in my car on the way to other parties." hehehe....I hear ya, Im so glad the season of gluttony is behind us for almost a whole 'nother year! Time to bring thangs to a Whole Notha Level!!! :-D

  7. Hey, next year can I be invited to one of those car parties? That sounds like fun.

    You got this, Jack. Too many people around you who will not let you get beaten.

  8. As I weighed in today I realised that I had just lost what I had gained over the holidays, which is great, but what would have been greater would have been starting here and losing!

    You are super insightful and I appreciate your thoughts on your own journey!

    We're going to kick 2011's ass!

  9. Ask yourself, "is that all you got?" when it comes to exercise. Maybe that will help motivate you. : )

  10. Great attitude! I, too, am glad the holiday season with it's oodles of holiday parties, cookie platters, and other opportunities for gluttony is over!

    While you might say that 2011 needs to get some more guys for the fight, I like to say that I'm makin' 2011 my bitch! =)

  11. Way to go on the lose this week Jack. I know what you mean about fighting those waves, but I do love the feeling of standing up after one knocks ya down and getting ready for the next. I'm glad the holidays are over when it comes to food. Here's to a great January.

  12. well, at least you lost right? You don't need a resolution. You will do it. Hope anita is doing well with her eye.

  13. You're heading in the right direction :)

  14. :) love your attitude! Now, go kick Valentine's Days ass, would ya? *sigh*

  15. Just get back to it Jack - that is the way! The thing about this journey is it is never ending & there will be obstacles all the way thru. It is how you deal with them that counts. Giving up is not an option & if you can figure out hoe to get thru them with as little damage as possible, that is the key.

    Holidays for me, now, I treat them as any other day.... I don't think of them as time to pig out. I plan for the treat or treats I want but I don't make it 2 months worth of too much food.

    It takes time to get to this point but I think one can do it if it is that important to them.

  16. Nice... and I can totally relate. I thought that I'd totally survive the holidays without any major weight gain, 10lbs+ later I was feeling down on myself. but then I remembered how far I've come and got back on the treadmill and took those 10lbs to town. Keep up the good work Jack!

  17. November and Decmber--another blogger called them the Armeggedon of Diets. I think he was right. :}

    It sounds like you've tumbled out the other side swinging and doing fine.

    Congrats on the weight loss--it's more than it seems.


  18. Great start to the year Jack!

  19. way to show that scale who's boss! wait that was a tony danza Good job Jack! :)



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