Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Famous Movie Lines (Jack Sh*t-Style)

  • “Spartans! Eat hearty... because tonight we dine at Red Lobster!”
  • “Love means never having to say you're sorry you ate the entire wedding cake.”

  • “We who are about to diet, salute you!”

  • “E.T. phone pizza.”

  • “And I will have my veal parmesan, in this life or the next.”

  • “Today, I consider myself the heaviest man on the face of the earth.”

  • “Keep your friends close, your enemies closer and your cinnamon buns even closer.”

  • “My precious… pizza rolls.”

  • “There is no spoon. How am I gonna eat my ice cream?”

  • “You've got a real pretty mouth. And I’ve got a lot of pretty cupcakes.”

  • “Ye’d best start believin’ in successful weight-loss stories, Miss. Yer in one”

  • “Either get busy eating, or get busy dieting.”

  • “Pasta la vista, baby.”

  • “I’d rather kiss a wookie… I mean, a cookie.”

  • “If I tell you what I weigh, I’ll have to kill you.”

  • “Open the microwave door, HAL.”

  • “Nobody puts baby back ribs in a corner.”

  • “Show me the baloney”

  • “Hakuna Potato.”

  • “Sugar-delic! Do I make you hungry, baby?”

  • “There’s no plate like ham.”

  • “If you bake it, he will come.”

  • I see dead people… and caramel apples.”

  • “I am Spartacustard!”


  1. oh, I've got a lot of pretty cupcakes, indeed! ;)

    mmm, cupcakes.

    Bad Twon! No cupcake.

  2. Pasta la vista, baby! <--- My favorite!

  3. Very funny! Thanks for the morning giggle :)

  4. I'm with Jenn - pasta la vista, baby. And hakuna potato.

  5. Yeah, Jack? I think you pretty much ALWAYS show us the baloney.

  6. Crap.. love this!!! These two:

    “If you bake it, he will come.”
    "I see dead people… and caramel apples.”

    BUT my fav & for those that know my love of cookies - “I’d rather kiss a wookie… I mean, a cookie.”

    Thx for all the smiles this morn!

  7. “Nobody puts baby back ribs in a corner.”


  8. 3rd vote for "Pasta la Vista" :) lol. too funny.

  9. That's some funny sh*t! Thanks for the laughs!


  10. "I'll be your Huckleberry..Pie"

  11. “If you bake it, he will come.” I like it...because both versions are true.

    (I heard Shoeless Joe really liked his mama's acai-berry pomegranate scones.)

  12. Stirred not shaken

    My name is bun, Cinnamon bun!

  13. "Open the microwave door, HAL." Bwahahahaha!!

  14. I did NOT expect to see 2001 on here. I can only imagine what HAL would say back in the Jack S**t universe. Hell-arious!



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