Thursday, May 13, 2010

Make Way for MizFit

Simply put, there just isn’t anyone else out there quite like MizFit. She brings such energy and passion to this thing of ours that it makes striving to become a fitter, stronger individual something that sounds almost… plausible. I threatened to leave a bunch of silly comments on her blog convinced her to do a little guest post action here, and I think you’ll be glad I did. You can catch her regular act right chere. -JS

When I was a personal trainer, I found many of my clients were successful when left to their own routine. They tended to eat the same foods and work out at the same time of day and at the same place… and fared quite well.

The panic would set in, however, when they were untimely ripped from their routine (literal allusion anyone?) and thrust into vacation or business travel.

All of a sudden the healthy habits we’d carefully layered one upon the other would go out the proverbial window quickfastandinahurry.

I’m a big believer in taking a clean livin’ vacation if my trip is, indeed, a VACATION, but if it’s for business I tend to stick to, well, BUSINESS.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that I duplicate the eating or workouts that I do at home.
I actually look forward to business travel because I know it will compel me to shake things up and give my workouts an always needed overhaul.

There are a few ways I set myself up for success before I hit the road in an effort to ensure I workout as planned, even if a fitness center or swimming pool isn’t available.

  • Exercise DVDS. These are an easy way to squeeze in a workout using only your laptop. My best tip is to be sure and check out the DVDs prior to leaving home. I’ve found it far too tempting to skip or quit a DVD-session when the workout is unfamiliar and I feel I’m spending more time learning than burning (calories).

  • Jump rope. I’m a big fan of tossing a jump rope in my suitcase and using it for some short bursts of in-room cardio during my hotel stay. If you’re anything like I am, a television or music is crucial for this workout.

  • Resistance bands. This is another easy way to squeeze in a fast workout when traveling. As with the DVDs I highly recommend that you practice your routine *prior* to leaving town. That way when you wake up bleary-eyed and hotel-headed, the exercise band routine is already second nature.

  • Stair climbing/city walking. It’s pretty easy to squeeze in a workout during travel simply by taking the stairs instead of the elevator or opting to walk instead of grabbing a cab (it’s amazing how many calories NEAT burns). I also enjoy grabbing a friend and gabbing while hotel stair climbing (I’m too cautious to do this one alone, no matter how (finger quote) safe (unFQ) the hotel is).

  • Bodyweight workouts on the go. I’d yammered eloquently about the various facets of this routine. I’d written about the dips I do and the push ups I crank out. I’d waxed lovingly about the fact you can involve the whole family should you choose to do so. Much to your delight, however, I was caught in the act by O’Hare airport security cameras and you are spared my rantage. The proof, as they say, is in the video pudding.
Please to enjoy….


  1. FIRST!

    I love the tips. I think I'm going to be traveling more in the semi-near future and I'm a huge advocate of the jump rope. I LOVE IT! As for the DVDs, i guess I need to find something that works.

    Oh yeah, and your daughter is freaking awesome!

  2. yay!!! i love starting the morning with some Miz & Tornado. :) Thanks for sharing, Jack!

  3. Who doesn't love MIZ!!!! And heck, the videos with Tornado too!!!! LOVE IT!

    Like Miz, I plan & ya got to set yourself up for success like she says!

  4. ok
    Im giggling because your blog keeps rejecting my THANKS FER HAVING ME comment.

    its that a new blogger plugin?

  5. great post... it's soooo true that we don't have to freak out if our routine is changed... it all comes down to this - choice... it is our choice to make healthy decisions no matter where we are and what we're doing... thanks for the interesting post!

  6. I'm with Miz. Vacation is for vacating. Not that I won't excercise or choose good food, it's just not planned and structured the way it is the rest of the time.

  7. Love it, love it, love it. The key to MizFit is that she really does make herself a priority (in the best sense) and its a great reminder to us all!

  8. Mizfit rocks! When I win the lottery I am going to fly her out here to be my personal trainer. Whether she likes it or not. :)

  9. Love the miz. I don't travel for business, just for vacation, and I generally let myself do what I want since it's generally about 3-4 long weekends per year. I find that while my food habits can get downright icky (especially if I'm in a new place trying new cuisine - like New Orleans) but I always crave the exercise. If I'm not walking at least 5 miles sightseeing a day (rare) I'll make time for a swim or a gym or at least some strength.

    The funny thing is I always come back home craving veggies and a good sweaty workout, so I know it's for life...

  10. I LOVE that your daughter does it all with you and knows your routines at her age. It's so fantastic!

  11. Every body luvs Miz- great post! Great tips! :) THANK YOU!

  12. Couldn't have come at a better time! I take off for vacation in just a few weeks. Thank you for all of the great tips!

  13. Thanks for the post..Now for me to apply

  14. Sightseeing is a lovely way to get in those miles.

    And yes, I wish I had le Tornado with me to bust those volcanic blues. Would've been so helpful!

  15. It is all about having a plan and sticking to it. If you don't know what to do you usually don't end up doing at least from my experience.

    Great practical post.

  16. Yes! We (The Royal) love MizFit!
    What I like about Carla is that she keeps things do-able. You're never intimidated by her suggestions as this great list shows.
    Miz is one of THE most supportive, caring & über positive bloggers out there. She's a bundle of all that is good and wonderful!
    I love her and Shauna's podcasts too ... 2 Fit Chicks and a Microphone.

  17. Great tips!

    I'm about to go on a business trip next week and I already have my resistance bands and a couple DVD's picked out to pack with me. Also, as someone who doesn't go to the gym to workout I'll be heading to the hotel gym as well.

  18. I love the Tornado doing wheelbarrow w/Miz.

  19. How cool to see you here on Jack's blog! Loved the tip about try these at home first so you know what you're doing and may actually DO them on the road! And the walking stairs w/someone - always good to be safe, true!

    Thanks to you, Miz, (and you, Jack) for great inspiration & adorable videos! :)

  20. Great tips Miz, and so true how out of our element we can flounder. Always keeping in mind what we CAN do is a must thanks for reminding me.



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