Sunday, May 9, 2010

Let's Get This Party Restarted

Weekly weigh-in: 206.3
Loss: -1.2
Total loss: -86.4
Body fat percentage: 14.8
Emotion: A little bit rejuvenated

 There's nothing quite as fattening as stupidity.

At my mid-week scale peek, I saw that I was on track for another gain. Another gain? Are you kidding me? Are you freakin’ kidding me?

I really dislike tracking my eats because I feel pretty strongly that I'm trying to make changes in my diet and myself that transcend keeping up with every crappy calorie that passes my lips.

I want to feel confident that I can live my life making sensible choices and eating a little more mindfully.

It's a nice sentiment, but easier declared than delivered.

I was blaming my recent scale slowdown on my strength training, but the simple truth is that a pipe with a lot of little leaks in it can do as much damage as one big leak. Maybe even moreso because those teeny-tiny leaks are harder to notice, more difficult to contain.

Portion control, sneaky snacks, grab and go munchies, they’ve all played a part in my recent weight woes, but what I’m really struggling to correct are the late- night yum-yums that aren't necessarily unhealthy, but can sabotage me on the scale. Those are the issues i'm trying to rein in this week.

Just trying to be a little bit smarter about how I make my way through the day.

I've come a long, long way.

Long way left to go.


  1. I feel like I'm in a similar situation. I hate tracking my food because I feel like I'm past that. I make the healthier choice 8 out of 10 times it should just be working. However, if I don't track, I still gain. It just reminds me that I have a ways left to go too.

    Good job on the loss this week!

  2. Jack, I love your plumbing analogy.

    I have recently started eating dinner with the kids a lot earlier (ie 5.30pm) and then the only thing I have as "supper" at around 9.00pm is yogurt or a banana. Then blog then bed.(I had previously been having a snack with at 5.30 with the kids, and then eating dinner with lovely husband at 9pm. And then snacking again at around 11pm. Bad.)

    And this seems to beat the munchies for me. My body is a temple and all that. I am sleeping a lot better too........and I lost a lot last week...

  3. you are doing so great Jack!

  4. Good job :) I think we're more or less in the same situation. Tracking isn't something we want to do right now but it's necessary for a bit longer. I think I'll start doing that again this week.

  5. I am certainly hearing you Jack. Thanks for the reminder to get out my tracker too!

  6. Yup ... get that little skinny butt in gear!

    Perhaps there are *other* late night yum-yums to consider?
    Or ...
    you could keep busy by getting that blogroll fixed. :D

    Good Luck with your revamping this week!

  7. I like that. The tiny leaks are harder to notice. But my question would be...are there other measures besides the scale that might still be showing progress.......just a thought

  8. Yes, this is the hard part. Keeping it off. And maybe lose a bit more. It's harder and it's for the rest of our lives. I don't keep track of every calorie but I do buckle down at times and plug those leaks. I am rewarded by more or less staying the same. But since I am almost at goal this is what I want. Maybe I will never get to it, but I don't want to gain. I have to work hard to maintain. That's just the way it is.

  9. I've heard that if you simply cut out the doughnuts, doritos, and candy bars then the weight just melts away. *sarcasm*

    Wish it were all easier.

    Thanks for sharing your struggles. Reminds me I'm not alone.


  10. Portion control, yes! Make sure you're serving yourself small portions. If you're unsure, just eat 2/3s of whatever you put on your plate.

  11. I got derailed at a picnic yesterday. I even ate a snack beforehand. Stupid mashed potatoes.

  12. Yes, you'll do great, getting those small holes fixed. As you get more in a maintainance mode (are you there yet?), I think it is natural to take that dog off the chain. Those little experiments might fluctuate your progress a bit. Don't stress. You've made the lifestyle change.

  13. Jack in fighting form is a force to be reckoned with!

  14. It's good that you acknowledge where you're making the boo boos. I often go into denial and say "What the hell is going on?" knowing damn well that I am self sabotaging myself.

    When I saw the title I thought "Uh Oh, Jack rewrote the Black-Eye Peas song - Let's get it Started." :)

    Here's to another good week!!!

  15. The leaks is a great way to look at it. Sometimes we can't find them all and that's why i still have to keep track of what is going in my mouth. It's too easy to forget about all those little nibbles I take during the day.

  16. Portion control, sneaky snacks, grab and go munchies, they’ve all played a part in my recent weight woes, but what I’m really struggling to correct are the late- night yum-yums that aren't necessarily unhealthy, but can sabotage me on the scale. Those are the issues i'm trying to rein in this week.

    JS - these can get ya way too much! You know it & are honest with yourself which is OH SO IMPORTANT!

    Congrats on your continued moving forward!

  17. You have come a tremendous way. Just keep moving one calorie at a time. You are doing it, even when you make a mistake, or eat something you should not - you are taking this lifestyle change and figuring out how to navigate you way.

  18. I'm with you. tomorrow is my restart have gotten myself going again....

  19. I'm with you here!! I have sabotaged myself since Thursday night after my weigh-in. Yesterday was the breaking point...a brick of cheese, crackers & pepperoni, 1/2 a jar of queso dip & baked scoops (At least they were baked?? LOL), then Taco Hell for dinner. Oh and did I mention the beer?? Lots and lots of beer...and not my girly 1 pt beers either. Ugh!!

    I think we get into habits like these every now and then because we let the "WW Mode" consume us too much. It's almost like we do this subconsciously just so we can wake up and re-look at why we are doing this in the first place.

    I think we come back after these moments stronger than hang onto your horses because this party is going to ROCK even HARDER than before!! ;-)

  20. I have made the tactical error of thinking that I was past the food journal.

    I have had to come back around full circle to starting it again.

    It reminds me how far I have come and how far I have yet to go.

    Thanks Jack!!

  21. From a newbie to an oldie, plug up those leaks and rein this sh*t in! Show me how it's done so I can take notes and put it to use when I am where you are!


  22. Great job. I find portion control is the hurdle. Keep up the good work

  23. well just keep your eyes open! It's so easy to just blindly do things like make poor snack choices and not think much of them as they aren't meals, but it all adds up!

  24. I understand what you're going through. Mother's Day, and I have eaten enough sugar to make my head feel funny (I actually get a little stoned from the sugar surge now). I have already made a plan to get back on track tomorrow and lift myself out of the 'blah' that this binge will leave me in. It is sort of good to be reminded of the consequences of eating poorly; tomorrow I will not feel like getting out of bed, let alone working out, but I will push through it. I will be grumpy by noon and when the kids get home from school I will be too tired to play with them much. Tuesday will be better, but the day directly after a weekend off plan sucks.

    I feel for you with your business trips and all. This weekend has left me feeling badly, I can only imagine what a week off plan would do to me. It is funny when I think of what I once did to my body everyday and, now, a weekend of eating crap leaves me feeling ill.

  25. Yeah I've had a few weeks (maybe more than a few) where I'm not honest with myself. "I can't believe I gained," I say as I grab my third 100 cal pack of lays chips in an hour. Those little snacks sure do add up. It totally sucks. I think if food is smaller than the size of your fist, it shouldn't count.

  26. Thanks for the pipe analogy. It is really true and very helpful...

  27. I love how you put things in terms so easy to understand! Thank you Jack :)

  28. A friend of mine recommended I take up cross stitch to occupy my hands in the evenings so I couldn't snack. I find having a cat on my lap is a good deterrent as well. Is there something more manly than cross stitch you could do to keep your hands busy (no innuendo intended!!!)

  29. Loved the analogy of the pipe with little leaks being harder to control and fix!!! Sooo very true and honestly, where I struggle. I have little leaks that keep me from having total success!

  30. Way to go on the lose Jack. I've come to realize that maintenance is just, if not harder, than losing. Finding that balance is tough. I am going through the same thing the past few weeks. What I found is getting back to "the basics" is a must when the scale starts to creep up. If it means I'm back to counting calories then for a little bit I can suck it up. I figure EVENTUALLY I'll get that balance thing figured out and won't have to revisit "the basics" as often, I'll just be living. You know how to do it so I'm sure you'll be just fine.

  31. Awesome job on the weight loss! I love what you said about the "little leaks," because, well... you're right. Those are the hardest to get a handle on! And those are what I'm experiencing right now, too, so I love hearing other people are having my issues haha



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