Monday, May 31, 2010

No Sh*t Today

Hey, I'm still outta pocket, celebrating my birthday by hanging out with my wife Anita and possibly undoing some of the hard work I've done up until this point. But don't worry; starting tomorrow, I'm going to start undoing that... um... undoing.

If you think there's anything that's going to throw me off track now,
then you don't know... well... you know what.


  1. Jack, get back on track or I'm gonna kick your butt! I would be afraid my friend very afraid, I may be short, and I may be really sore right now, but I'll find a way ;-)

  2. too funny. I googled myself once and got jack sh*t.

  3. that's awesome!! hope the rest of your weekend is as great as the beginning and the middle, Mr. Sht. enjoy!

  4. In keeping with the W.I.D.T.H. theme.... isn't that why we all do this here??? So that we can have some of the things we want and enjoy life more.... it is for me.

    Now tomorrow- after all the Bar-B-Que- I have to get my ass back in gear!!

    Thanks Jack- have a good birthday!!!

  5. I know sh*t & I know you will be back to it after your very well deserved bday celebration!

    I will never forget when I turned 50. I was having some yummier than yummy onion rings that night along with my fav cookie treats & knew I would be jogging the next day & back to all my hard work. The next day on my run outside, I was attacked by a dog & all I could think about was that food I ate & how to burn it off!!! Well, I just modified my food intake whiel I was out for the count & all was fine!

  6. Happy Birthday wonderful, day saving with a smile, Jack!

  7. Great video. Now quit partying and get to the gym...LOL!

  8. HAPPY BELATED! Pft, enjoy some of the "undoing". You gotta enjoy your birthday. I mean, embrace your youth!



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