Friday, February 10, 2012

More Healthy Gifts for Valentine's Day

• Love poem inscribed on stalk of celery

• Heart-shaped box of nonfat cottage cheese

• Romantic half-marathon on the beach

• Crunches by candlelight

• 15-minute workout with the original “Shakeweight”

• Bicycle built for two and entry to IronDuo Triathalon

• Read each other romantic passages from Jillian Michaels’ saucy bestseller Master Your Metabolism

• “Let’s Play Doctor” game (with blood pressure monitor)

• Diet love potion

• Nude portrait of you at goal weight

• Chinchilla yoga mat

• A little Afternoon Delight (and yes, by “Afternoon Delight” I do mean “a nap”)

Need more ideas? Sheesh! Okay... here ya go.


  1. I particularly like the nude photo at goal weight! Such great ideas.

  2. Thanks lot for this useful article, nice post

  3. Do you peel the celery first, because my pen kept bumping over the ribs?

  4. Original shakeweight? Oh my gosh!! lol!!!

  5. i would LOVE a nap for valentine's day!!! where can i get one?



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