Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Even More Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Healthier

• Two choices: eat this celery stalk or get slapped by it!

• Take out the Pop-Tart filling and replace with mashed sweet potato.

• Take them to a slaughterhouse to show them just how sausage is made, or if you really want to shake them up, take them to your job and show them how money to buy sausage is made.

• Tell your child that eating broccoli is like “eating a little tree”; if he replies, “Why would I want to eat a little tree?” then you should answer, “Just shut up and eat the stupid broccoli!”

• Though it can get expensive, my “quarter-per-pea” method generally gets results.

• Start calling Brussels sprouts “baby boom-boom cabbages.”

• Every time your children take a bite of something unhealthy, clang cymbals together loudly right behind their heads.

• Remember, you get more success by using the carrot than the stick (except when trying to get kids to eat carrots; the stick is definitely the way to go there).

• There’s a simple way to get kids to like eggplant (I just don’t know what it is…).

• Kids learn by watching their parents, so you really to learn to pretend you’re enjoying eating vegetables.


  1. I could call Brussels sprouts "Magic Unicorn Food That Will Turn You Into A Princess" and my kids still wouldn't touch it with a ten foot pole. Thankfully, they like broccoli. ;)

  2. Thanks for the lesson, Jack... you crack me up. lol

  3. Just a quick tip about the eggplant. Coat it heavily with melted cheese and sprinkle shaved chocolate on it. If you have a really dumb kid, they'll eat the whole thing instead of just scraping off the cheese and chocolate.

  4. I answered your TAGGIE QUESTIONS! :)

  5. This is hilarious. I wish my parents had read this, they couldn't get me to eat a single green thing.

  6. My kids learned to eat the vegetables I hated via reverse psychology. I made a big deal out of giving up my tomatoes and pickles (which I despise) and went over the top telling them how much I must love my kids to give up my favorite foods. They didn't figure it out until they were in kindergarten and by then they loved them :)

  7. you KNOW I laughed out loud.
    and loved.

  8. :-D BUT kids do learn from the parents so that is why I always hope for people to understand how much what they do, say & act like makes a HUGE difference in the home!

  9. HA! The broccoli thing is my favorite. I can see myself saying that someday.



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