Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More Signs It’s Gonna Be a Bad Weigh-in…

• Starbucks opens new location in your living room

• Lost track of daily Weight Watcher points at 1,000,000

You accidentally poured yourself a tall glass of maple syrup

• Waitress thought you said “side of beef” instead of “side salad”

Realized you’ve been brushing your teeth with a tube of frosting all week

• That 10K run you did every day no longer so impressive since you realized that you’ve mixed up “kilometers” and “millimeters” again

•  Somebody brought donuts to the office... then held you down and forced you to eat a half dozen

• You were a guest at a dinner party at Paula Deen's house

• You had birthday cake six days this week (three days at birthday parties and three days when you were just really hungry for birthday cake)

• Scale showing 10 lbs before you even step on

• You ate black cat for dinner last night

If this wasn't enough Sh*t for you today,
check out my guest post over at
Dr. Fitness & The Fat Guy.


  1. love the birthday cake post. i don't have a birthday cake- I have a birthMONTH

  2. No, I still keep my food journal even when I have a 1,000,0000 point eating day! Never lose track!!!! ROFL Does e-tools for weight watchers even count up to 1,000,000???

  3. I would love a starbucks in my living room, I should add that to hubbies to do list ;-).
    Thanks for the chuckle Jack, you always make me smile

  4. I have a love/hate relationship with those folks who bring doughnuts to the office! Or cupcakes...or Christmas Cookies...or...

    Great chat last night!

  5. Love it - but oh man, I'd be terrified if my scale showed 10lb before I even stepped on! I wouldn't step on!

    Thanks for the laugh, as always. :)

  6. Although it would prob lead to a bad weigh in, I'm not sure I would turn down dinner at Paula Deen's :)

  7. Oh, shucks! Now I'm going to have to fire the barrista in my living room. Thanks for the laughs!

  8. Thank you for this,!!!

  9. Uh, I lost track of my WW points at a million last weekend...uh oh...



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