Thursday, June 23, 2011

Bully for You

Give me your lunch money.

I’m serious, give it to me now or I will punch you in the neck.

I’ve tried humoring you, tried inspiring you, tried pushing you.

Now, I’m resorting to bullying to get you to do better with this losing weight/living healthier poopah.

I am your belly bully.

Give me your lunch money.

You’d just spend it on some fast-food combo meal deal anyway.

Fork it over.

You might squander it at one of those squirt-it-yourself, add-your-own-topping, “What-do-you-mean-fourteen-dollars-for-a-cup?” frozen yogurt joints.

Gimme, gimme, gimme.

It takes a big man to… ummmm… well, be a bully, but I’m a big man and I have years of practice from Kindergarten until somebody caught up with me in size in 5th grade.

So anyway, give me your lunch money and we won’t have any problems.

And I’m serious about that throat punch.



  1. I have money for lunch?

    apparently I need more work if that's my first thought :)

    off to look for work then Ill proffer neck and monies...

  2. I never have cash in my wallet...and that is a good thing! I liked cash for easy fast food transactions! No paper trail!! :) Good bye cash!

  3. That actually happened to was IRS I think...but there was no health food involved. LOL

  4. You wouldn't hit a woman now would ya? lol

  5. ah jack. I have never been to a frozen yogurt place..must not be big here. now add your toppings to your burritos...that's big here.



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