Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Date With Density

Weekly weigh-in: 229.8
Loss: +5.5
Total loss: -62.1
Emotion: &*@#$%!

Well, I’ve been putting off stepping on the scale for weeks, thinking that I needed just a little more time to undo the overdoing I’ve been doing; however I’ve been underdoing on the undoing and doing more overdoing instead. Not only does that not make sense, but it doesn’t even make any sense!

Something funny happened when I got without 10 pounds of my absolute *perfect* goal weight… I turned around twice and I was 15 pounds from it… 20 pounds from it… 30 pounds from it. Okay, maybe it wasn’t funny in a “ha ha” way. And maybe it wasn't funny in a strange way either. I guess it wasn’t really funny at all come to think of it…

What started off as a slight course correction has suddenly because a legitimate cause for concern. Pants that I was wearing comfortably a few months ago have been sheepishly moved to an out-of-reach shelf.

I’m not going to stand here and scream about how I’m gonna kick it up into high gear now because I’ve done this too often to think that a big “This is it!” proclamation is going to fuel anything but a day or two of good behavior.

So I’m going to sit back and reassess. Tweak my workout routine and try to trim some of the bad habits that have seemed to creep back in my day-to-day existence. It may even mean that some of the time I currently squander making ridiculous lists and silly songs for this space will need to be spent making sweat bubble up out of my body. You know what they say: when the going gets tough, get going toughly and okay... I wasn't paying much attention when they were talking about the going getting tough. Sorry...

Anyway, take a deep breath… and do what you need to do to be what you want to be.

Monday’s infinity + infinity away.

Start today.


  1. Re-Ass-ess!
    Good word. lol
    I myself have never left the "beginner mode,"
    and wonder if I ever will. Other people seemingly can;
    I stray ever-so-slightly and *boom* my pants are tight again!
    But that's ok. Nothing wrong with learning as we go!

  2. Hang in there brother. The thing that helps me is to do what the AA people do. Take it one day at a time, hell, one hour at a time if you have to. Now is the only thing that can hurt you. Eating too much now, not eating too much this week. Concentrate on eating good now and the following nows will get you where you want to go. And hey, it could be worse. I once lost 160lbs. in 16 months and then gained it all back plus in 18 months. Talk about your yo-yo dieting. Now I'm fighting my way back again an hour at a time. It's seems to work. Here's to good luck to both of us.

  3. Excellent. Sometimes I like your serious posts even better than the silly ones because you have a way of laying it all out there. Hope today is an amazing "first" day for you Jack!

  4. I hear ya, Jack. There's been quite a bit of undoing on my part, too. One day at a time is my approach, too. We'll get it going again...we WILL!!!

  5. Funny, Anne pointed out the very word I was going to throw into my comment to lighten the mood. When you said "Sit back and reassess" and that your pants were too tight it just sort of struck the type of funny that I associate with JackSh*t. You definitely aren't alone and with all of these followers watching you'll be leading the masses to reclaiming smaller asses. ;) Maybe it's just a right of passage (why is the word "ass" so apparent in everything now?). Every one who has lost weight needs to know what to do when bad habits begin to creep back in. I've put the stomp on that myself recently. Sixteen weeks ago for me and reclaiming my throne (and the seat is fitting better every day).

  6. Yes, you can do it.

  7. For me, I'm thankful for my weekly TOPS weigh-in because I know if I didn't have them I would be up 10, 20 or 30 lbs too. It seems so easy to convince ourselves of anything. Good luck with the tough love I know you can do anything you put your mind too Jack. *hugs*

  8. Whenever I get to this point, I have a saying that helps prevent inevitable depression and bing eating. It helps me get back on track.

    Own it, learn from it, get over it, get on with it!

    Getting Started

  9. I'd offer personal training services but a) I'm not qualified, b) you know what to do, and c) it ain't gonna be fun. Step at a time time...

    (But if there's anything I can do, you know where to find me.)

  10. Well, at least you are having your day of reckoning before you gained back more weight. You know what you have to do. I'm in weight loss mode again, too. Sigh.

    Best wishes.

  11. Jack - will be brutally honest here - the thing about when we start making excuses for ourselves is, well, it goes on for longer than necessary & before we know it, 5 pounds or 7 or 10 or more pounds are on us... reality check needs to be there at all times.

    For me, like I have written about - with the feet probs & having to be not quite as intense in my workouts & also the age hormones, I saw some weight change & looking in the mirror, the way my bod looked. I choose to take action now before it got out of hand....

    You can do this but maybe be more on the reality check side of it. ;-)

  12. Ah, the wierd urge so many of us have to stop just shy of our goal. Why all the self-sabatoge? There are a million reasons...just make sure you know yours.

  13. Oh you are seeing my song..and a Back to the Future reference too? I got within 20 lbs of my goal weight this summer with low cal dieting 1200/day with a lotta exercise. I got sick physcially and mentally and rebound ate back on 15 lbs. I hate to say that I'm now trying "Intuitive Eating" but I am doing something else. And doing Quality versus Quantity for exercise...Quantity got me sore and beat up, burned out. Glad to be in your good company..getting our acts together.

  14. One day at a time, one moment at a time if you need to. You got this!!!!! There's no giving up :)

  15. Loved what Mike said: "Own it, learn from it, get over it, get on with it!"

    And I like this one:
    "The future is whatever you make it, so make it a good one." Emmett Doc Brown, Back To The Future, Part 3

  16. Hang in there Jack!!! Onward and downward! We can both do it!

  17. Right the hell there with you, good buddy! Damn it. It is scary how fast 5 becomes 10 becomes 20 becomes 25.....

    I managed to actually kick into high-gear this week and took off 8 of my 25 that has crept on since November. The worst November...I was still 10-15 from where I wanted to be. Erg.

    But....damn it...I'm putting on my big girl panties (ha ha more ways than one) and getting my big fat butt back in gear and keeping it there till I get right to where I want to be. Then, I'm going to learn how to STAY there. One freaking day at a time.

    I got your back....I'm chanting for ya! Go Jack, Go Jack, Go Jack!

  18. The Dog of Good Tidings here ...
    Cheer up Sadsack, it could be much worse!

    You could be me!!! :D

  19. This reminds me of a post from Ben at BenDoesLife earlier this week - he posted a 4lb gain, and made this comment:

    "Do you want to know why the last 20 pounds are the hardest? It's because they are the least important. I look at myself and for the most part I'm comfortable and confident in my appearance. Yes, I want to get better. But my life is good."

    I'm guilty of self-sabotage lately too - the closer to goal, the more stress about what comes next. You can do this, Jack - think about your own WIDTH reasons, and get right back on track! :)

  20. Ahhh I know you are jesting a bit---BUT if I spent have the time working out that I do writing about working out, well, Id work out :)

  21. Heehee - you said "asses" !!!!!

  22. "I’ve done this too often to think that a big “This is it!” proclamation is going to fuel anything but a day or two of good behavior."

    I very much relate to this...and it was at that point (back in 2009-ish) that I stopped making proclamations, stopped signing up for other people's goals, stopped thinking that if I could just find the magic solution I wouldn't be broken any more...basically I stopped doing all the prescribed things and started down the path of figuring out just who the hell I am...and accepting me. I know it sounds woo-woo but the results have been profound.

  23. My dad put it like this (on my weight struggle): "Sometimes you just need a good old fashioned kick in the @ss to get headed in the right direction." Such is my philosophy on weight loss!

    Sarah @ Thinfluenced



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