Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Cookbooks That Probably Shouldn’t Be On Your Bookshelf

Say Hello to My Little Fryer – The Scarface Cookbook

Girls Just Wanna Have Fudge!

Say It With Poundcake!

Stogielicious! - Cooking with Cigars

Recipes with Too Much Bacon

Cupcakes for Dinner Again

That’s Got Quite a Tang to It – The NASA Cookbook

Cotton Candy Casserole and Other Carnival Favorites

The Crisco Kid Rides Again

Eggnog- It’s Not Just For Christmas Anymore!

More Cheese, Please!

Open Wide and Say “Ahhhhh!” - Cooking with Nitrous Oxide

That Hits The Spot! – 101 Dalmation Recipes

Speaking of dogs... and cookbooks... 
My pal Vee is putting together a cookbook project to help raise money for an autism therapy/seizure-response dog for her son, and she needs your help!
Click here for all the details.


  1. Great list Jack I have to make sure my wife never sees that Girls just wanna have fudge or the cooking with Poundcake!

  2. I'll take the bacon and the cheese, please!
    But no cooking with "poo"!!

  3. Oooh! I want the NASA cookbook! Sadly, though, a lot of your readers are too young to know what Tang is!

  4. let's not forget... 365 WAYS TO COOK SPAM

  5. Drooling here.

    Thanks for the mention, Jack.

    Vee at http://vikkisverandah.blogspot.com



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