Sunday, June 19, 2011

This is Courage

Weekly weigh-in: 231.1
Loss: +1.3
Total loss: -60.8
Emotion: Compelled

There’s this story about an Oxford philosophy exam, see?

The test requires an 8-page essay answer backed up with source material, quotes and analytical reasoning.

So anyway, this one guy turns in a single sheet with a single sentence on it…

“This is courage.”

He received top marks.

I really wish there was a creative, easy way to ace this whole weight-loss exam, because the long, drawn-out version filled with ups and downs, successes and setbacks… well, it’s enough to make you want to just walk out of the classroom in a frustrated fit.

There are no easy answers.

No three-word solutions.

It’s time to get to work.


  1. I hear ya Jack. It is work. Keep on keepin' on buddy. You'll get there - you've come so far already.

  2. Ahhhhh - I've been thinking about this a lot lately cuz I never seem to fit all the pieces of the puzzle together on one day. So - in the spirit of the academic analogy - here's what I know:
    I used to be an F in EVERYTHING (fuel, water, movement, rest)
    I haven't gotten a D in anything in a long time
    Some days I even get an A in some subjects
    Little by little I've raised my grades on everything to a B average

  3. Jack, it is a battle always & a journey. I am unsure of your age but even men have issues with age. Women, in my humble opinion, more due to their hormones, but men have them too. Not sure if some of this is that & you need to up the intensity & get cleaner on the food OR you are just having too much fun! ;-)

    Anyway, Happy Dad's day & please do not give up! I am having major hormone issues again but am not willing to give up yet! :-)

  4. Hey Jack, I feel you. My advice is to START OVER. Pretend this is day one 290+ lbs ago. Think about how you felt, what you did to get started and follow your own success. No need to reinvent the wheel. It worked for you once and will work for you again. The body has an amazing ability to forgive you your sins of yesterday.

  5. we're in the same boat, my friend. i don't really have words to help, but know that we're all in this together!!

  6. Werknprogress has some great advice and I am going to take it. Hang in there Jack!!!

  7. Amen.
    And a Happy Father's Day to you.

  8. I love that exam story! LOVE IT!!!

  9. Don't listen to the evil chocolate cake.

  10. Better still, kick the evil chocolate cake out the door. Smash it to pieces and wash it away with the power washer.

    And keep going.

  11. I'm with you...I think alot of us are. That's kinda the neat thing - we're never alone. And we will get there.

  12. Courage is getting up and resuming the fight...again...when what you feel like doing is laying there and finishing the ice cream.




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